Monday, December 06, 2021


 Today I am sending an email to the asphalt company.  I'm not looking forward to doing this, but it has to be done.

The driveway looks dreadful, there is no getting around it.  It looks semi-decent when it's wet, but when it's dry?  Not at all.

There's just too many issues to let it go.

So, I'll do that soon, and wait and see how long it takes to hear back from them.  Bearing in mind, if they want to be paid, they have to respond.

Steve found a lovely little poem, it goes like this:

Mary had a little skirt,

It split right up the sides,

and everywhere that Mary went,

The boys could see her thighs.

She also had another skirt,

It split right up the front.

She never wore that one.

That really cracked us up.

ABOVE:  Is this the first 'family in the pool' photo collage for the summer?  This was yesterday afternoon. Brace yourself, there will be MORE!  lol

Today?  Brylee and I will be hauling all the Christmas Decorations out of the outdoor cupboard, and bringing them inside.  Then the fun begins!  *smiles*  😊

8.20 am:  The asphalt company replied to my email IMMEDIATELY!  Wow, they didn't do that before, in fact they didn't reply to my email last week at all!

Hmmm.  So apparently the two 'head honchos' will get back to me.  
Yep, I'm sure you will.  Cos I've not paid you.

It's the first day in about 3 weeks that I've not woken up with a crippling lower backache.  Praise be to whoever I can thank for that!
There is nothing better than being able to actually just roll over and get out of bed without pain.

WELL!  I went into my sewing room this morning to drop something off in there, glanced out at my driveway.

And oh hell!  Where is that water coming from?
Out I go.

ABOVE: There's this random little stream of water coming up from under the new asphalt!

ABOVE:  It's just a little leak right?

Then Lacy and Tarsh arrive and go out to look at my MILLION DOLLAR DRIVEWAY.
And as we are looking at the new problem... 

ABOVE: FOUR MORE leaks spring up!!!  FOUR.  
Like, have those asphalters broken a water pipe?  I think so.
So, I ring them and leave a message, saying they need to get around here asap cos we have a rather concerning problem now!


ABOVE:  So, Lacy came around to give me an oar.  It was in a 'to burn' pile at someone's house, so she grabbed it for me. I will be painting it when I get time.

4.25 pm:  Brylee and I went over to Cambridge for a spot of Christmas shopping.  When we arrived home, the water running down the driveway had eased up to hardly anything now.
Weird.  Just bloody weird.

I heard from the lady at the Asphalt Company, neither of the 'boss men' could come today as they are out of town.  
That's fine.  I will just hold on to my money.

I've not been able to decorate our tree today.  The lights for it are up in the roof space in the garage, as is the 2nd, smaller tree.  So I'm patiently waiting for Stew to get home so he can get up there and bring them down.  Also, most of my 'Christmas Friends' are up there as well.

So, more to do tomorrow.  

Right, I better get off me bum and cook dinner.  We are having Spaghetti Bolognaise. 

8.37 pm:  Our dinner was really lovely.
I've fluffed around this evening putting our Christmas Friends around the living rooms.
Brylee and her boyfriend D are hanging out in the lounge, and we are watching the telly in the family room.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Nice poem Steve :)

    My tree has been up now for a couple of weeks, I figured I may as well enjoy it this year. I'm so sad the driveway isn't good. Had you seen their previous work? I suppose you just assume a professional company know what they are doing.

  2. Funny Little Poem!
    Good luck with the asphalt folks. What a disappointment.

  3. This from Google "Water coming up to the surface is caused by hydrostatic pressure from either a high water table or water being forced to the surface from a higher elevation when the asphalt parking lot resides in a lower elevation." Drainage is the solution but you sure were not told that!! (If indeed that is what is causing it).

  4. What a shit show!!!! Considering the cost of the driveway, this is an appalling job & service. If you don't want to deal with them, maybe Stew or Steve could be the liason person.

  5. Bugger geeze hope your drive isnt gonna be ripped up but not looking good

  6. Oh Chris, I'm sorry to say your problems lately (painters, carpet, driveway) made me feel better. In the last week the furnace died (and it's winter here in Maine, USA) and then the refrigerator died. The furnace got fixed at a ridiculous price (holiday weekend so prices doubled) and nobody has the size refrigerator we need. I've ordered one but they've changed the delivery date 3 times in 4 days with no real explanation. Now it won't be delivered until after Christmas. Good luck with the driveway people.

  7. Chris, my first thought when I read your blog this morning, "You couldn't make this shit up!" Hope they extract a digit and get on to it fast.
    Karen in Queensland

  8. Shit thats an absolutely stunning pic of me Ma, that's a pic for my Wedding Collarge 💑 awesome photography xx 🤣😁
    #Lacy 💙

  9. What surface did the driveway have prior to this?

  10. I thought the oar was to stop you floating away!
    Love Steve's poem. I will share it with my boys.
    Thank goodness you haven't paid them.

  11. that doesnt look very smooth to me, it isnt flat. Sorry you are having so many problems. We are also having problems with tradesmen over here. We actually had an electrician that didnt want to run the cables/wires? ha ha again you couldnt make this up.

  12. So... the leak subsided? I wonder what rain will do ? How odd.


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