Monday, December 20, 2021


 When I was dyeing leggings yesterday I remembered these tights that I wore a few years ago... they were buried deep in a drawer I never even open!

ABOVE:  White leggings that I'd doctored for an ABBA Tribute concert.  I am going to take the orange tassels off and shorten them, so I can wear them over summer.

Might as well use them, cos I'm never going to wear them like that again.  😊

I might even use that t-shirt again too.  I can wear it with the white leggings once I take the tassels off.  It's a bit 'out there', but I don't care.

I'm expecting Lacy for a visit today, which will be nice.   She's not been around as much lately.

There's a Hospice Op Shop over in Frankton that I want to visit... so I might drag Lacy along with me this morning.  It's always nicer shopping with company.

Once we get home, if I've not heard from the Asphalt company by then, I will send them a very polite email, asking them what is happening with our driveway?  

I reckon they are going to put their heads in the sand for a couple of months at least. 

I hope I'm wrong.

10.30 am:  We didn't go to the Hospice Shop after all.  Dammit.  Oh well, it's not going anywhere, I can visit it another day.
Lacy stayed for a little while, then left as I had no leftovers for her to eat!
And she had stuff to do apparently. 

OMG... LOOK AT THIS: ......

I went outside this morning to see this on the driveway !!! 
Steve's vehicle left this huge indentation/mark on the driveway yesterday.  The arrow is pointing to a big bulge on the asphalt.
Bearing in mind, the vehicle was only parked there for about an hour.

So, as I've not heard from the asphalt company today, and it's been a week since 'K' came here to talk about the issues, I suppose I need to send them an email now.

That should be fun.  NOT.

1.30 pm:  before I could even start typing that email... Bex suggested we visit the Hospice shop.

ABOVE:  So we did.  We both found a couple of things to buy.
Bex got some Tupperware.
I got a dinner set for someone.
And this:

ABOVE:  An umbrella stand (or plant stand?).  It's metal, not sure what sort though.  I rather like it.

Now... I suppose I need to compose an email for the asphalt company.  😕😖

It's really hot today, and all I can smell is tar seal (asphalt).  And I reckon it's going to melt and run when it gets even hotter.  Why?  Cos I'm 100%  certain in was a 2nd or 3rd grade batch they used on our driveway, which would account for many of the faults in it.

ABOVE:  I cooked pork rissoles for dinner tonight.  Usually I don't have much success with rissoles (they fall apart and are tasteless), but these ones?   Really YUM!  
Best of all, I have enough to feed Stew and I again tomorrow night.

ABOVE:  the pink leggings have dried, and are awesome!  I'm thrilled to bits with them.

ABOVE:  OMG the pool was so good this afternoon!  It cooled us all down, and made the late afternoon heat bearable.  

Now, it's nearly 8 pm, time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. the driveway disaster continues. what a mess.

  2. Bloody hell. I reckon they broke a water pipe, and under that driveway is going to be mush. The whole lot will need to come up, the ground left to settle, then re done.

    1. holy cow. good point. who will cover that cost? i mean if there is a lake under your driveway - that can't be good.

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Threaten to put a sign outside saying who the driveway was done by. Kj

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      If the driveway looks OK from a distance the sign would act as publicity for them - don't want that. Audrey

  4. ugh what a freaking nightmare

  5. Kiwionholidays2:14 PM

    Love the stand from Hopice shop,
    Never fail to get bargains there when we get to shop there,

    Have a fab afternoon
    🥂 Cheers

  6. That is exactly what I think too. I looked carefully at your pictures and then went to an area newly black topped here and the products were very different. I think you need a lawyer.

  7. Kiwionholidays5:13 PM

    Hospice 😂shop I meant ,love your top in the top pic neat idea to shorten the tights
    That was a fab Abba outfit when you wore it ,,

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Nothing like our driveway.

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Yep they definitely sound like the dodgy ones who go around half finishing driveways in Australia. Do they have an actual office you can go visit?

    1. They are a reputable firm, have an address here in Hamilton and came highly recommended. We just need them to stand by their work now, and put it right.

  10. For a reputable firm they do shoddy work. I would be pushing them to right their wrongs!!

    Love the pink leggings 😍

  11. Gosh, I've not been reading blogs much lately so I was a bit behind with what you've been up to. I am heart-broken that you've got this stress of the asphalt to deal with. A classic fair go issue... like you say, you've got it all documented with photos which don't lie.

    Now, I LOVE those pink leggings! Which brand of dye and what colour was that pink?? I'm guessing you picked it up at Spotlight 😉

    1. DYLON, Passion Pink, Intense Colour. I used half the pack, halved all the quantities for one pair of leggings.


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