Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 Lacy lives on a farm just out of town.

There are two pigs there.  A girl and a boy.

Guess what happened?

ABOVE:  Nine little babies.

Very cute.

ABOVE:  Ouch!  Sore nipples in about 9, 8, 7, .... seconds!  lol

ABOVE:  Paper wasp nests by the front door.  Stew dealt to them last night.  We will have to wander around the section and find more before they get too big and bothersome.

Bloody things are a real menace at this time of the year.

ABOVE: Our pig weather vane is getting moved today, from there to the back side of the car port.  Then you will be able to see it better.

Not sure what else we shall get up to today.

I might just paint those shiplap panels, so they can be put on the walls asap.

I did a test piece last night, just to see how well the paint went on, how long it took to dry etc.

So, I'm geared up for doing the panels today.  Yaaaa.

11 am:  We've been out to Mitre 10 for paint.
Called into Para Rubber and bought a floatie for me.
Countdown next, where we got supplies to make club sandwiches for lunch.
An hour later the club sandwiches are done.

And I'm contemplating doing a tiny bit of painting... on the 'test' piece to see how I'm going to do step 2.

ABOVE:  Step 2 was painting inside the grooves.  I'm not sure I like it.
What say you?

ABOVE:  LUNCH... Chicken and Ham club sandwiches, done in me Tupperware Jel Ring.

ABOVE:  Steve, Bex and the boys came for lunch, then Griffin and 'T' arrived, closely followed by Lacy and Keera.
So a nice couple of hours with kids visiting.

I'm experimenting with paint effects, but seriously, I can see those panels staying completely white!

I 100% LOATHE enamel paint!  The clean up is horrendous.  What a friggin mess it makes.  And the smell of Mineral Turps is bloody ikk.

But I'm happy to say the undercoat is now on both panels.   1st top coat will go on this evening.
Tomorrow the 2nd coat, then it will be ready to be up on the walls.

NO PAINT EFFECTS.  No blue stripes.  Nothing at all.

I had to try it to be sure it wouldn't work eh?

5.53 pm:  So.  Far too quiet on here today!  But... I'm sure it's because you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends.
On holidays?  Visiting fam?  Eating yourself into a food coma?  Or all of the above?
Good on ya.

As for us... not going on holidays just yet (probably in a couple of months we will), so just enjoying being homebodies, and having family pop in constantly.

I had pavlova for dinner!  And early too.
Then I put the 1st top coat on the panels.

Now?  Chilling out and watching TV.  Till bedtime.
We've had a little bit of rain just now too... so it's cooled things down nicely.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

    1. I picked on up yesterday and it shreaked at me lol 😆 😅
      #Lacy 💙

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I don't like the blue stripes sorry. Kj

  3. I think you should paint it the same colour as the walls

  4. so blue stripes. just paint it white.
    you havent made one of those rings sandwiches in ages! fun to see it again.
    love the little piggies!

  5. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I thought shiplap was supposed to be plain with grooves - don't much like the blue - it will look much better white to match the walls. Steve did a brilliant job with the router. Club sandwiches look delicious. Audrey

  6. I think with the blue stripes you miss the ship lap look.

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    You lose the subtle effect of the grooves when they're painted blue. My vote is to leave them white.

    Club sandwiches look delish!

    A Fan in Canada

  8. Yes, keep those panels plain. Why are you using enamel instead of water based? I agree about the smell of turps, yuk.

  9. Soz been busy with loved ones like you have happy Tuesday Team Harvey 💙💙

  10. Love those club sandwiches.
    Hot as heck here...work shift today. Thank heavens for air conditioning

  11. Glad you're going with white. It will look amazing. I want that little black pig. And yes, I've been out all day.

  12. Got visitors and back to work today.
    I hate using enamel too. For some stupid reason hubby got enamel for the doors, door frames etc

  13. Mostly trying not to melt in this bloody heat. MOTAT today & monopoly after dinner - stupid bloody game 😂

  14. Your blog is never boring to me! I live on the West Coast of Canada, where we usually have pretty temperate weather. Not this year; we've had massive forest fires (entire towns burnt down), heat of well over 40 degrees Celcius, torrential rains, flooding, now it's 8 degrees below Celcius! I haven't left our house for a week, I am 72 so very scared of Covid because people are getting it in spite of 3 doses of vaccine. (I have had my 3 doses of course.) So sick of crappy weather. And our Covid numbers are skyrocketing. Let's hope 2022 is MUCH better than 2021.


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