Wednesday, December 01, 2021


 Well, I don't have too much to start the day with... for a change I suppose.

Last night we sent an email to the asphalt company, just thanking them for letting us know the guys were coming that day, but that unfortunately they didn't turn up.  So, we hoped they would arrive on Friday and get the job done.

Kept it polite.  I wonder if we will hear anything from them today?

What the hell is it with trades people right now?

Communication is key to keeping your clients happy, surely?  Don't say one thing, and not follow through.  Or at least if you can't follow through, let the client know?

It's only polite and courteous eh?

I will be SO DAMN HAPPY once our renovations/driveway etc are totally and 100% DONE.

Anything else we want to do, if possible we will do ourselves. We can RELY on ourselves.

I will be sewing again today.  I've got three 'Wine' cat runners in my firing line today.

They are time consuming bloody things, with all the squiggly bits, but so worth it cos they are so cute.

ABOVE: I can't help it... I just love our little back garden!  Everything is growing and flowering and just looking lovely.

ABOVE:  I saw this on a friend's facebook page (COFFEE SLUT), and yeah, had to nick it.  It's COMPLETELY ME.  100% me.  Just ask any of me kids.  And Stew.  I'm really over the top about things being in their right place.  I wish I wasn't, cos it can make life stressful.

Thankfully, most things are back where they belong around here.  Just a few more weeks till I'll be happy with the house and yard.

Can't believe it's freakin' DECEMBER.

Bloody hell this year really has flown by... it's a blur.

Next week I plan on getting all the Christmas stuff out.  I'm actually, (for once), looking forward to it! 

Right, enough twaddle for now... I'm going to read the news, then get up and start me day.

10.30 am:  When I woke up this morning, I felt OK.  Not fantastic, but not bad.

NOW?  OMG, I am as sick as a dog.  After Stew left for work, I got up and started my day.

Flung open the windows, made the bed, then BOOM.

Threw up.  Felt dreadful.  And it's not stopped.  I tried lying down for a little while. Didn't help.

I have no idea what's going on.  I've got no pain.  Just feel SICK.  Moving around does not help at all, in fact it makes me feel worse.


I'm going to go outside and hose down the path out the back of my studio and down the side.  Maybe being outside will help?

1.10 pm:  Well I don't think being outside helped me much.  I chucked up on the driveway a couple of times, but as I was hosing it down anyway... MEH.  Didn't matter.

I had planned on only doing the side path.

2.5 hours later and it's all done.

At least I know it's been done right.

ABOVE:  I swept up 9 scoops full of loose stones!  And hosed the entire driveway down.


ABOVE:  *sigh*, the only part I didn't do today was under my car.

I simply ran outta steam, and it was getting really hot out there.  It can wait until tomorrow.

I am now going to put me feet up and just feel sick.  I had some chocolate biscuits LATE last night, and I'm pretty sure that's what's upset my stomach.  Too rich, too late at night.  And come on, I should know better right?  DIABETIC dumb arse.

My own fault... but still not fun.

I checked out a fabric shop in Wellington online.

Ordered some fabric, which arrived in ONE DAY!

ABOVE: Yeah.
Not cleaning the house.

6.32 pm:  So.... after hosing down the driveway I was all grubby, so I jumped in the pool and then had a shower.
Then I sat and watched some series on NETFLIX.  
Then I tidied up me fabric cupboard.
After that I started to actually feel hungry, so I had a ham sandwich at 5.50 pm.  First food of the day.
It went down OK.  Not too sure if it's gunna stay down though.
I've come to the conclusion the chocolate biscuits are not to blame...  they would NOT make me sick all day!
Some bug or other obviously.
Fingers crossed I come right soon.  Not used to feeling sick.  It's not nice.

10.17 pm:  I managed a decent dinner this evening, and I feel OK.  Yaaaa.
Hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling 100%.


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I love those blue flowers - what are they called.? Blue is my favourite colour too. Weve just built a house -dont get me started on tradies, contractors and the like. So I do feel for you. Just as bad with drapes, blinds and furniture delivery. I do understand everyone is busy but communication is so important.
    Have a good rest of day.

  2. The trade companies you have dealt with are really slack then they moan cause covid is affecting their bizzness. Customer service is key to any bizz

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Sound possibly like vertigo? Hope you feel better soon

  4. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. One of my favourite plants. When the dogs have settled down I will plant some.
    I hope you're feeling better now. I would say lie down and let it pass but no, you want to hose the pathway and see if moving more will make you feel better. GO BACK TO BED WOMAN!!!

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Geez Chris I hope it's something you ate and will pass quickly. Kj

  6. Oh dear, take it easy & rest up, sounds like a bit of a tummy bug.

  7. You're pregnant 🤣🤣💙💙

    1. You need a UTERUS for that shit.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣 pushed ya buttons though 💙💙

  8. I hope you're feeling 100% better soon.


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