Saturday, December 11, 2021



This morning the guys are moving Brylee 100% into her new flat.

They just need to take her bed and drawers up the stairs in the new flat, and her fridge/freezer from Steve's garage to the new flat's garage.

She can move all her small stuff, clothes, kitchen ware etc, herself.  So, it won't take long at all.

THEN Steve and Stew will put the roofing on the carport and BOOM... that will be done too.

By this evening, my little car will be back in the garage, after having to be on the driveway for the past 3 months, and Stew's car will be under a carport.

Later on today I WILL finish the Christmas present wrapping!  Just 2-3 more things to go.

One more hurdle to get over, and then we can finally sit back and just enjoy our home, and look forward to Christmas.

IF the driveway issues are resolved by Christmas that is.  *sigh*

But. Let's not go there today.  

I want to just enjoy the weekend, spend some quality time with family and put me feet up a bit more.

Well... It's DONE.  All the presents are finally wrapped and under the tree.
And Steve and Stew have started putting the roofing on the carport.

1 pm:  The men have gone to suss out a job for a friend, then they will be back to do the rest of the carport.

It's a super warm day, cloudy and muggy.  I think the pool with be getting jumped into shortly.

4 pm and it's all done, and everyone is in the pool cooling down.   I was first in but got out just now to do an update here.

ABOVE:  My little car is back in the garage.

ABOVE:  And Stew's car is now under the finished carport.  I'm so happy with the carport, and so thankful to Steve for being such a handy, dandy son.

Brylee has unpacked at her new abode, and is now back here enjoying the pool with the rest of the family.

9.10 pm: OMG it's so hot and humid tonight!  We have two fans on us and we are still roasting.
If it keeps up like this I'll be closing all the windows and putting the aircon on!
Or living in the pool. 

It's back to just the two of us... love it.
 We are just sitting here in the family room, feet up, snacking and watching the telly.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. What is the scoop on Brylee's new flat? Will she have roommates? Is it close to your house?

    1. Very new 4 bedroom townhouse in a new suburb very near to us. Three girls and 1 guy, who's a builder and clicked with our Steve immediately! I won't be surprised if he and Steve become buddies! lol She is very happy with this place as no one living there actually owns the place, it is a pure rental. So no one getting 'precious' about their property and rights, bla bla bla.

  2. I hope the move is going well and that Brylee enjoys her new abode.

  3. Enjoy your weekend. Just relax and don't worry about anything.

  4. Here garages are to keep off snow and ice. Is the idea to keep off the sun/heat? The birds? I have never seen a carport like that. Is this a popular/common thing?

    Yes, you are very lucky to have handy workers. It is beautiful.

    1. Most homes have a garage here, to house the car, and tools, extra home stuff etc. They can be a part of the house, or separate. The carport was a kitset and we love it. It is free-standing, so can be moved, though you wouldn't really want to move it as it weighs 320 kilos. As for being popular, yes, carports are a good option if you don't want a garage. There's dozens of styles for a carport. Google them!

  5. Kiwionholidays5:32 PM

    Love the new carport fabulous shape n trendy look
    Nice to hear you guys are ticking off all the boxes

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  6. Anonymous6:21 PM

    The carport looks great. Enjoy. Not hot enough for the pool here. Kj

  7. You make me chuckle when you threaten to put the aircon on... mine is on nearly ALL the time, I simply can't cope with heat.

  8. Anonymous4:20 AM

    The car-port looks fab....well done Steve and Stew. Brylee's new place sounds just right so hope it works out for her. We sent the Xmas parcels to the Nelson gal a couple of weeks ago and she inadvertantly skyped me while WEARING THE NEW RUDDY PYJAMAS 😁 Couldn't wait until Christmas apparently,she confessed she has worn ALL the new clothes we gave her already...oh well,not much under the tree on Christmas morning for that
    pair ! Had our covid booster this week and flu jab last week so hopefully all set to fight off any winter virus that might come our way 😉
    Jane G

  9. The car port is beautiful! We'd have to get permits for something like that here and have it anchored into the ground somehow. I've thought of putting one up along the driveway side of my house. Maybe some day.


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