Monday, December 13, 2021


 On Friday 'K' from the asphalt company told me he would be back today to work on the 'issues' with our driveway.

So will they be back today?

Will they fix EVERYTHING?

While I wait to see, I will work on projects in my sewing room.

I've got HEAPS of projects on the go, or that I want to get started on.  Just not enough hours in the day really.

I am easily distracted by something new to do... it's a bit of a problem. That's how you end up with a dozen UFO's (Unfinished Objects).

Another few names for those are:

WIP's... Work in Progress

PIGS... Projects in Grocery Sacks

PHD's... Projects Half Done.

There ya go, something you probably didn't even know about, sewing 'slang'.  lol

I have probably got about ten projects 'on the go' right now.  There's a couple that are easily 5 years old!

Maybe I will resolve to finish them next year!

ABOVE:  This little man took a shine to Richard on the weekend.

So, a cute photo to be carrying on with... until I come back later.

With hopefully, some good news about the driveway?

9.47 am:  No show yet from the asphalt company.

I'm in me sewing room:

ABOVE:  having fun with these.  I want to use them as gifts, and have a few spare for next year's markets... obviously nearer to Christmas 2022.

ABOVE:  The driveway after a few cars drove and parked on it over the weekend.  Tyre tracks all over the place.  I don't think they are going away.

11.55 am:  And well!  'K' from the asphalt company turned up 10 minutes ago.  And it didn't go well.
He argued over most points.  Said he turned up here last Tuesday when I rang and said there was an urgent problem ( the water running down the driveway), when I can clearly show he didn't.  
He is adamant the driveway is going to 'weather and end up looking just fine'.

But... as I disagreed and pointed out the issues, he decided he couldn't talk to me at all, and is going to arrange a time to speak with Stew.

He kept calling me 'LOVE' and saying I was very argumentative, and spoiling for an argument with him.  Maybe I was?  I know I ended up getting quite upset and almost cried.  I knew I shouldn't have talked to him!  I don't do confrontation too well.

Oh while I remember.  'K' said the plumbers dropped petrol on the driveway from their concrete cutting equipment, and that is what ate into the driveway and caused the potholes.
'K' took photos of all of that... he's probably going to hit them up for the damage there, and the petrol staining running down the driveway.

I just feel sick to my stomach over it all.  'K' talked about maybe having to rip the entire driveway up to fix it.  My worst nightmare.

I just looked up 'misogynistic gaslighting', and yep! That's EXACTLY what he did to me.
He tried to shut me down, and blame me for being upset! And he tried to twist the facts, and doubt my own recall.
Thank god I have an amazing diary in this blog!

6.40 pm:  And I've had a wonderful time in the sewing room today!  My mind has been going around and around in circles since seeing 'K'... the only thing I wish I'd thought of doing was putting my voice recorder on!  Hindsight.  Annoying.

Stew is home ... on the Treadmill. Once he's finished we are going to have a swim, in the rain.
Then dinner.

ABOVE:  And there ya go!  Stew is in the pool.
And I am not.
I got in me togs, put me feet in the pool... and straight out again.  Way too cold for me.
I'm a pussy.

So, I'm getting dinner ready, making gravy etc.
Then we can sit down and enjoy our dinner, and watch some telly before bed.

I might as well sign off for the day now.  Not gunna be doing much else worth yakking about.  *smiles*


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Oh wow, to quote Judi Dench when talking to James Bond, "what a misogynistic dinosaur". I wonder if he would say to Jacinda Ardern, "I will have to speak to Clarke". Don't get upset, he obviously can't cope with people who take photos to prove their case. Did he mention the leak and whether the plumber had found one and fixed it? Audrey

    1. He did ask what they found. I told him.

  2. What a mysogonistic gaslighting piece of crap. Definately get Stew onto him - and Steve for good measure. That makes me so mad. Also, see if you can get another company to come & give you an independent opinion, even if you have to send photos of it up to Auckland for someone who is totally independent.

    1. I have already asked another company here for their opinion. They said to send them photos, which I did. Then they turned around and said they were not prepared to give an opinion on another company's work!

    2. Tell them you will take them to Fair Go & also tell them that under the Consumer Guarantees Act they have to rectify it (look up & quote the exact wording).

  3. What a mess. I feel they should have ripped up the driveway in the beginning and started with a clean slate.

    1. The problems were not caused by the existing asphalt driveway. They were caused by their shitty workmanship, and then of course, the broken water pipe.

  4. OH HELL NO!!!!!! the very worst. I cannot stand men like that

  5. Leeann1:50 PM

    Hope you told him not to call you love. What a dinosaur.

  6. You poor thing Chris. You certainly have had a bad run with tradespeople! Painters, carpet layers and now the driveway issues. As you said, you can’t make this up!

  7. Ugh what a wanker 🙄

  8. Dreadful workmanship. As distressing as it is though if K is suggesting ripping it up and starting again that is at least an attempt to improve on it and an admission it has not been done properly.

    1. I agree, though it's the last thing I want really. But I do want my beautiful looking driveway, that I was prepared to pay big bucks for .

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Just another cowboy. You'd think he'd have more pride in their work and want good reviews said about their company. He obviously loves putting woman down especially when they are right! Kj

  10. Agree with all the above is K the foreman or owner? failing that go straight to FAIRGO don’t fuck around out them social media the works he is going to get a different answer from Stew,!sheesh K is nothing but a sexist misogynistic pig.

    1. K is the owner of the business. It's too early for Fairgo, if at all. They have the right of repair first.

  11. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Again, so sorry that you've been so badly let down (again) by tradespeople. I'm another non-expert who agrees that the driveway looks a mess. Can't see the tire tracks that you talk about - do you mean actual indentations in the asphalt?

    In my unsolicited opinion, you should be there when Stew and "K" meet. And I would hope that Stew would let you do the talking, after first telling "K" that he doesn't appreciate his wife being spoken to and treated in such a disrespectful and unprofessional manner.

    Perhaps a letter from your lawyer outlining your concerns is in order.

    A Fan In Canada

    1. Tyre tracks... yes but just lightly. Not huge indentations. Shouldn't be there though. I don't want to talk with 'K' again! He tried to belittle me and talk over me and not listen to me at all. He basically dismissed my concerns and was super defensive.

  12. What an absolute bloody nightmare. I really feel for you in all of this, it should never have happened.

  13. Maybe he should talk to Steve.
    I mean, Stew is at work during the day. And Steve is a builder and knows what is to be expected / not expected from builders and workers and such.
    How does Stew feel about all of this?
    How did the pipe break?

    1. We won't sick Steve on him yet! stew is as annoyed as me. The pipe broke from their compactor going over it.

  14. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I am sure you posted about the potholes being there long before the plumbers arrived on the scene, so I hope K doesn't lay blame (and cost) on them for that. I do hope K is more receptive next time. Clearly there are issues they need to address, but that he does not want to own up to. Fingers crossed it is all resolved, in your favour, before Xmas. Liz

    1. There were some small holes in the asphalt before the plumbers arrived, but they caused the ones near the broken pipe by spilling petrol on the driveway.

  15. Geez that is awful. Hope you get to sorted out to your satisfaction. Take care.

  16. There is nothing worse than being spoken to like that in my opinion. Makes me raging mad!

  17. aw heck that is nasty he spoke to you like that. I hope this all gets resolved for you


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