Thursday, December 02, 2021


Morning!  How am I feeling?

Well...  so far so good. But then, I'm not outta bed yet!

Let's just wait and see shall we?

I thought I'd show you the fabrics I got from the Wellington shop (online):

ABOVE: Some really lovely batik fabrics, I'm totally happy with them.

ABOVE: Then we have these two.  They sure looked nicer online than in person.  And the fabric quality is a let down too.
So, you win some, you lose some.
I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.

ABOVE: Putting those fabrics away yesterday gave me the opportunity to tidy up the fabric cupboard.  It was a bit untidy.
Can't have that can we?  lol

So.  No idea what I'll get up to today.
Sew cat runners... probably.
But I also might make a start on wrapping Christmas presents too.
I am NOT going to leave it to the last minute, that's for sure.

ABOVE:  I saw this, it made me smile.  Worth sharing.

9.33 am:  YES!  I feel ok this morning.  Must have been a 24 hour bug I had.
I'm heading off to the shops in a minute, I have a few Christmassy things on me list.
I just feel like this Christmas season is going to be lovely.
Shit, I even feel like cooking Christmas Dinner now!
I was just going to do platters, but maybe the 'platter' idea can be for New Years.  

12.20 pm:  Well that was fun.
And it wasn't too crazy at the Base or Mitre 10.

ABOVE:  We have a dishwasher, but with just Stew and I most of the time, it's quicker to just wash the dishes.  So I bought a dishrack.
I've seen many, many different sorts of dishracks in lots of places, but this one was the only one at Mitre 10, so yaaa, NO CHOICE.
I went into Mitre 10 for Christmas lights.
Got them, so all good.

ABOVE:  I'm sure I've got everything I wanted, and can now make a start on present wrapping.

ABOVE:  Look what happens when you go shopping!  Swollen legs/feet disappear!   I think I should shop more.
Or not.  I think I have a shopping 'problem'. lol

So, I'm just having some lunch, then I will hose down the last bit of the driveway, that I missed yesterday.

5 pm:  And the driveway is 100% done... swept free of all loose stones and debris.
I've probably done it for nothing.  Because we have not heard back from the asphalt company  since that email on Monday, I just don't think they will turn up tomorrow.
I HOPE THEY DO of course, I really do.  Then my faith in tradies might be restored.

Apart from finishing the driveway sweep/hose down, I've rolled up the left over carpet pieces and put them down in the back shed.
Washed the floors and got dinner sorted.

We are having Sweet 'n' Sticky Chicken over rice for dinner.  

Well that was freakin' yummy!  I added some Hoisin sauce to the Sweet 'n' Sticky sauce, rather a good combo.  
Now we are just doing what we always do... watching some TV till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I hope today is a better day. One thing that's good..... Vomiting all day is not typically a Covid Symptom. It's odd. My son just had a vomit sickness for about a week. He went to the doc and they gave him some Nausea meds.

  2. Glad you are feeling better :-).

    I am hoping to get my Christmas shopping finished this week. I have just done some online shopping although it was mostly for me lol.

  3. Pleased to see you're better. I am not feeling christmas at all this year. I shall live vicariously through you.

  4. That gives a while new meaning to "Retail Therapy"!

  5. So not pregnant then 🤔 🤣 💙💙

  6. Gee my feet and legs swell badly when i go shopping and stay up for days and as ive had a hugely busy week this week i think they r gonna explode. Good to hear u getting the xmas lights sorted...i wish i could get time to finish mine. At least nothing will happen before Wednesday next week.

  7. So pleased to hear you’re feeling better, if heaven forbid driveway peeps don’t turn up then it may not be too hard to sweep next week?
    Loving the colour of that fabric cupboard.

  8. My Dr. told me, "The calf muscles act like a pump, moving the accumulated fluid from feet and ankles up through you body" I have done a lot of walking and it appears he was right, the fluid in my legs was reduced considerably. Only drawback, you have to keep at it daily. I try in the Summer as more swelling occurs in the hot weather.
    Glad you are feeling better, stomach bugs can be nasty.'

  9. Woke up to the news that Minnesota (where I live) is the 2nd state to have confirmed Omicron. It was a mild case in a vaccinated person, so we shall see what this means in the next few weeks. Good Grief!


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