Friday, December 10, 2021


Last night Stew and I had dinner down by the lake.  It was so lovely.

As was the company:

ABOVE:  We had a gaggle of geese, that one was particularly demanding.  A few Pukeko too.

ABOVE:  I just loved the stance of this little sparrow!  So cheeky.

ABOVE: Quads!  They were right beside us the entire time we were there.  The mother duck was very attentive, and even hissed at me at one point.

ABOVE: And this bird!  OMG so LOUD!  I jumped out of my skin when it shrieked at us.  It's an Australian Coot.  I thought it's feet were amazing!  Helps with propulsion on the water it would seem. 

So, it was an entertaining dinner time. *smiles*

Today I will finish the present wrapping.  I can't believe it's taken so many days to get it all done.

Also, today marks a week since our driveway was done.  And I have asked them to come and discuss the issues we feel need to be resolved.  Twice.
And no show.  So they will be getting another email from us today.
They can't come tonight, as we have Stew's work Christmas 'Do' to attend.
So, probably won't be until next week now.

Meanwhile, we are not prepared to use the driveway AT ALL, in case they try to say we have done damage.

Gosh this just pisses me off so much.

So.  Let's see how today pans out shall we?

 We sent an email to the Asphalt company at 7.10 am this morning.  Told them we were waiting to hear back from them, and we would not be making the final payment until all issues had been discussed and resolved.  

10.45 am:  I went back to bed after the email was sent, and fell asleep again.  That's  not normal.  Anyway, at TEN FIFTEEN Brylee comes into my room and wakes me!

OMG.  I was in a deep sleep.

Seems the asphal man was outside wanting to speak with me.  I told Brylee to say I wasn't home, cos 1.  I was in me nightie and looked a right mess, and 2. I didn't want to talk to him without Stew being here.

So he talked to Brylee.  Just about the water leak.  He is talking about ripping up that area cos he thinks it's a cracked water pipe.  

Seems he's gunna ring me.   GREAT.

Interesting how fast they came back to us after this morning's little email.

Mention non payment and wow, things happen.

I am at The Base, waiting to get a haircut. Meanwhile at home a plumber has turned up to investigate the leak. 
I've  asked  Brylee to take photos for me.

ABOVE:  progress.  But I'm just so annoyed, cos this means there will be a ruddy big PATCH on the new driveway, as well as all the other joins.

Good news, I only had to wait an hour to get 6 inches cut off me hair.  

So.  The plumbers found a damaged water pipe and fixed it.  Then they hosed down the driveway the best they could, and left.

ABOVE:  I literally have NO WORDS to describe my brand new, amazing driveway.

I now need to get myself ready to go out to Stew's work do.  Might be drinking tonight.

P.S.: the plumbers drove on our driveway.  'K' from the asphalt company said we need to as well to help smooth out the joins!
When the plumber moved his van, he left tyre tracks on the asphalt.
So, we are going to drive all over it this weekend, to see what it looks like come Monday, when the asphalt guys come back.

I don't think it's gunna look better at all.


8.50 pm:  And we are home from dinner.  It was at an establishment called Madam Woo.  There was a very small menu, but it was OK.  Afterwards Stew and I had an ice cream at Movenpick.  Now home, full bellies.  Time to check out for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The bird pics are amazing. So close and detailed. I hope someone comes today to at least look at the driveway.

  2. wow that one bird has crazy feet!

  3. I reckon you should have gone out there in your nightie, hair all over the place & no make up - if the emails did not scare him into submission them that would haha.

    Have a fantastic time at the work do tonight, a good chance to relax & have some fun.

    1. I did indeed look a fright! Like a wicked witch with hair sticking out all over the place, puffy eyes and still half asleep! OMOG can't believe I slept in that long!!!

    2. You obviously needed it!

  4. Just make sure they don't charge you for ripping it up and fixing any leak cos it wasn't there before. Grrrrr

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Good for you for standing up to them Chris. Done a slack job. What a crap time you've had with the renovations. Sounds like you need more sleep. Enjoy your day kj

  6. This is like a cliffhanger.
    And you were NOT there when the plumber was??? Where did this plumber come from? You might want your own plumber - if theirs tries to say it was a pre-existing condition!

  7. Oh dear. That is NOT a pleasant sight at all. Oh boy - you are handling this quite well. Either that or you are posting pictures quietly while you are raging inside!

  8. Looks like it will take a million bucks to make it look like a million bucks.

  9. Have loads of fun at Stew's work function get into it after the shit you've been through!! Just don't injure yourself like I did 🤣🤣💙💙

  10. Glad you had a good time at the Christmas party. Hope the driveway gets fixed properly. Have a good weekend. Take care.


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