Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 It's going to be a boring day on this here blog.

I'm just going to be painting the wall panels again.

ABOVE:  1st coat is on, and it already looks awesome!

If I get the 2nd coat on early enough this morning, it will be ready to put on the walls tomorrow I think.

ABOVE:  If I get too  hot, I just have to look at where the dogs are to know where to lie!


Those two are feeling the heat, poor things.  Their next groom isn't for another two weeks, so they just have to lie where it's coolest.

Right, I am going to just lie here and grab another 40 winks.  If possible.  It's already stinkin' hot.

9.25 am:   And it's finished!  I rolled the first coat on the panels, but brushed the 2nd coat on for a more realistic 'wood' look.


I hope that is the very last painting job I have for this year!
I hate it.

Well.. I love acrylic pour painting of course, but walls and doors and all that?  Yeah, NAH.

Shit. I've still got all the doors in this house to paint, and the wet room too.  *sigh*  That can wait until next year for sure.

We have a glorious cool breeze today!  So much cooler and bearable.

ABOVE: On an unexpected trip up to Auckland.
More later.

ABOVE:  3 hours later.... Loaded up... heading home.

6.10 pm:  we are finally home from our unplanned trip.
What happened?

Our friend Martyn's Mum passed away recently.
She was a sewer/patchworker like me.
So, Martyn offered me a lot of her fabric.

He rang today to say he was going through her stuff and would bring a load down tonight, on his way home to Tauranga.

That was going to be quite a detour for him, so I offered to come up and collect it.
He was thrilled at that idea.

So, Stew and I jumped in the car and took off for Auckland.

To say we got 'a bit' would be an understatement!

ABOVE:  Boxes and Boxes, and Bags and Bags of fabric and sewing paraphernalia!!!

But wait... there's more:

ABOVE:  We are going back to pick up THAT load tomorrow!

Yep.  Mrs C had as much 'stuff' as me!  And she kept all her scraps, colour sorted in boxes, JUST LIKE ME!

Everything was methodically stored, sorted, and kept forever and ever.  OMG she could have been my mother.  lol

It is going to take me a few months to sort it all out, wash it, and decide what I shall keep, and what I shall donate to other quilters like me, or the Salvation Army.

It was lovely stepping foot inside Martyn's family home.  His parents had lived there for 62 years! 

ABOVE:  On the North Western motorway, heading home today.  It was a hot, hazy day.

It's now 8.15 pm, Steve, Bex and the kids have been here having a swim.  Now... time to wind down for the day.
It's been a lovely day.


  1. time to set up the Pup Pool.
    the white panels are looking great. better than store bought.

  2. Your panels are looking great. It must be tough for animals having fur through the hot summer months ... I have a few friends who have bought cooling pads for their pets, which are quite cheap at Kmart and Animates. Definitely something we are going to think about getting in the future. Have a good day ... and happy painting!

  3. Panels are lovely. We have to try to tell our dogs that walking in the heat is not in their best interest. They disagree and demand a walk but we stand our ground.
    Enjoy your trip to Auckland.

  4. Kiwionholidays2:21 PM

    Travel safe 💯✅😷
    Cheers 🥂

  5. Seems like quite a haul you captured! those presents look like movie presents, they are so perfect!

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Looks pretty hot up there Stew. Kj

  7. Hope you did run into omicron while in Auckland

  8. I'm sure Mrs C would be delighted you could use and enjoy her materials

  9. Wow how awesome to have a pay forward like that Martyns mum would definately approve. Glad you had a cool day.

  10. What an incredible haul and such an honour to be gifted it all.

  11. it is lovely that all her goodies went to someone who will cherish it all like she did.

  12. Happy new year to you and yours. I think of you often, even though I don't stop by here much.
    Have a healthy happy and prosperous year and always!

  13. I have a feeling that you are going to love sorting all that fabric and sewing paraphernalia.

  14. woohooo exciting fabric and sewing stuff! Can't wait to see what you got :)


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