Thursday, December 16, 2021


Another kid's birthday!

Today Dante turns 9, last year in single digits.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANTE, have an awesome day.

On the odd occasion, I've seen a spider in the bathroom.  Not a biggie. 

It's usually a Daddy Long Legs.  They are harmless right?

Well, last night while in the bathroom, I see not one, but two damn spiders sitting right beside me.

ABOVE: I was outta there so fast!   Straight to the kitchen to find insect killer.
And boom, killed 'em.
I don't like spiders AT ALL.  And those two had creepy bodies.
It still gives me the heebie jeebies.

ABOVE:  Brylee and Marley last night.  Doesn't Marley look adorable, perched up on Brylee's lap!
Yeah, it's a nice pic of Brylee too I suppose.  *smiles*  😋

Today I'm going to take a little break from sewing, and I think I'll paint that oar Lacy gave me.
White to begin with, then possibly a couple of blue stripes near the handle.  Though my creative juices are flowing, and I'm thinking of somehow doing an acrylic pour on it.

And that's me for now.... hoping for a wet day, or no rain at all so it's not so damn humid.

10.40 am:  Bex and the boys have arrived for a visit.
With a little gift for me:

ABOVE:  A new Christmas Friend!  The boys picked him for me.  He's a Royal Penguin, hence his name is perfect for him.

The boys want to start their own Christmas Friend collection, so Bex let them choose a Friend each:

ABOVE:    Dante's one is ROVER, and he's a Minecraft Gamer.
Archer's one shall remain nameless as he doesn't like anything we suggest.  Pain in the butt child.

Well, it's now almost 3 pm.
Archer named his friend Ruben.

And I've been sewing again.
The oar can wait.  I still felt like sewing, and until that stops, I sew.

I made three more One Christmas Tree runners.
Now I'm moving on to a few Two Christmas Tree runners. 
White backgrounds this time.

I'm looking forward to dinner.   Stew and I are going to Steve 'n' Bex's for Dante's birthday dinner.
We are having what Dante wants, Ravioli pasta.
And probably cake.
Nah, for sure cake.

ABOVE:  Today's trees.

Yaaa.   Stew has arrived home early, so we won't be late for Dante's birthday dinner.
Off we go.

8.20 pm:  And we are home again.  We had a lovely dinner and ice cream cake for Dante's birthday.  He loved his present (a family game), and I'm sure he will be nagging his Dad and brother to play it for a while.  lol

Photos tomorrow, cos I need something for tomorrow don't I?  lol

Right, we are stuffed, so it's feet up, telly on, and chillax till bedtime.


  1. Happy Birthday Dante xx

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Happy Birthday to Dante. Wow to think we have been watching him since he was snuggle bug in Bex tummy. He, they are both beautiful boys. Can't wait to see the oar. Have a great day Chris. Kj

  3. Happy Birthday to Dante ... wow ... 9 already! The years are flying by. Have a lovely day. Pretty wet here in Christchurch today ☔🌧🦆

  4. Happy birthday Dante! Wow, can't believe I've been reading your blog for that long! Since way before Bex was even pregnant! <3

  5. Happy birthday Dante. Lovely new Christmas family members

  6. my son always named his stuffed toys after what they were. Blue Jay, Black Bear, Sled Dog, White Bird, etc....
    Perhaps Archer needs to come up with a fun name of his own.

  7. Holy snapping duck shit 😳 9 already!!! Happy Birthday Master Dante 💙💙

  8. Happy birthday Dante. He's getting that leggy pre-adolescent look. I love boys that age.

  9. Dante 9 wowzar hope you had an awesome day
    Loving all the stuffed Christmas Whanau gorgeous.

  10. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Happy Birthday to Dante !!!

  11. Dante 9 wowzar hope you had an awesome day
    Loving all the stuffed Christmas Whanau gorgeous.

  12. Happy Birthday Dante have a great year!


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