Friday, December 24, 2021




DON'T BLOODY WELL FORGET to pick up all the salads from the supermarket at 10 am!  And a pavlova or two.

Sometimes, I forget shit.

So, putting it on the blog reminds me.

Anyone else feel like they need to carry around a notepad and pen, so when you think of something, or remember something, you can write it down?

I'm sure it's NOT Alzheimer's, it's just life being so busy and complicated.

Though sometimes I think my kids try to convince me I'm loosing my marbles!   Little shits.

It's supposed to be another hot day today.  I believe them for once.  Thank god for our pool, it is going to be a life saver over summer.

ABOVE:  Look who got his very own Christmas Gnome Runner.  He loves it.

I will be making more of them sometime next year.  Gosh I hope craft markets happen again next year!  Otherwise I have Runners etc for gifts, for the next 10 years!

Stew finishes work for this year at midday.  Once he's home we shall go to the supermarket (again) for anything we still need.  

And then... we shall relax!  ha ha ha.  Like that's gunna happen.

10.20 am:  The first thing I do every morning now is look out the window at the driveway.  JUST to make sure nothing else is going wrong with it.

ABOVE:  This morning I saw this in the middle of the driveway!   I freaked out.
Rang Stew.  And he said it was condensation from his work car!!!!  He's left it on the driveway instead of under the carport last night because Martyn's motorbike was under the carport.
PHEW!   I was about to spit the dummy I tell ya!

So I went to the supermarket and got all our salads, cooked chooks and a few other bits 'n' bobs.
It wasn't too crowded, and there was still PLENTY of Christmas foods available.
I got two pavlovas.  

ABOVE:  It is not lost on me how lucky we are to be able to stock our pantry and fridge so well.  I put several items in the 'Donation' box at the supermarket today.  And the SPCA one too.

ABOVE:  I had planned on keeping all our big planter pots and so on OFF the driveway until it was fixed.
I am going to put them all back where they belong, because why shouldn't they go back where they belong (for now).  God knows when the driveway will be fixed.  *sigh*
When the asphalt company come back, they can damn well move them.

ABOVE:  Martyn just sent me this photo.  How cute is that?  His very own Christmas Runner.

ABOVE:  I finally got around to trimming a piece of spare carpet for under the bar stools.  I will get it bound in the New Year.
There's a lot of spare carpet.  I might sort out what mats I would like made with it next year.

I also just put all our pots back in place on the driveway.  It looks so much better with them in place again.
NOT the driveway, don't misunderstand me!!!

Stew should be home in an hour or so.  Then we can truly just kick back and enjoy the next 16 days with him home, before he heads back to work.

Stew got home and we went to the supermarket for more 'last minute' stuff.  It wasn't crowded at all (again).

Stew says I trimmed the carpet piece to small.  So I shall have to make another one, bigger.  *sigh*

Steve, Bex and the boys came over late afternoon for a swim.  

I had a nap.

After they left, Stew and I jumped in the pool and cooled down before dinner.

I cooked ravioli in a tomato sauce for our dinner.

Now we are watching TV, and looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. I send myself texts taking the note to self one step further

  2. You are very brave going near the supermarket today ... I just had Countdown deliver the last of what we need for the next few days. The raspberries looked amazing ... thank goodness at $9.50 a punnet!!! My husband has just popped out to collect my pre-ordered flowers and cheese rolls 🙂

  3. I am a note writer, so have notes everywhere.
    Love love the runner and the colours.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Here's hoping 2022 is lots better than 19 and 20.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and all your family. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day and that things go your way in the new year.

  5. Still at work fuck it but hopefully not long until knock off 👍 expecting visitors this arvo and tomorrow the celebrations begin with our loved ones 💙💙

  6. Merry Christmas Chris and family and all your friends who comment here xxxxx

  7. Enjoy your Xmas day. How damn wonderful to be able to pick up salads, cooked chook and pav from the supermarket. You can sit back and enjoy it all, hopefully. Everyone else but you on dish wash duty?
    Splash around in the pool and have fun

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that you have a perfect day tomorrow,you deserve it.

  9. Love the table runner, it looks great. You look all prepared Chris,, Have a wonderful Christmas with the family and all the best for the New Year.

  10. I hope you and Stew enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day with the family. My sister in Hanmer tells me the temp has been 24/25 degrees and she is cooking a turkey ! I think you have the right idea for Christmas eats. I have my wee Daddy arriving soon for Christmas so last minute prep underway. Best wishes to you all.
    Jane G

  11. Merry Christmas Chris to you and your family. Here it's early morning on Christmas Eve. We got about 4" of snow yesterday and it's very cold, -18C. Should be -26C on Sunday and Monday and in the minus teens well into the New Year! Yikes!! Your pool and cold Christmas meal looks very inviting right now, lol. Enjoy your time with your family. Take care.

  12. I only write notes for work and important things like shopping and trips lol. My mom has notes everywhere!


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