Sunday, December 19, 2021


 Here in New Zealand, you have to produce and show your Vaccine Pass to get into large events, restaurants and some shops, to name a few examples.

I have my vaccine pass on my phone, so when asked I can just open my phone and show it (it's my Lock Screen picture).

Several times in the past week or so, I've been asked to show my vaccine pass before I've been allowed in the shop/cafe/restaurant.

BUT here's the thing.  They only glanced at it, and didn't ask for verifying proof of identity at all.

I could have been using anyone's Vaccine Pass!

It could have been a fraudulent Vaccine Pass for all they knew.


It's a bloody joke.  POINTLESS.

Yesterday at the Base, it was so hot wearing a mask!  I think once summer is truly here I will be staying home!

I stood in a queue at Spotlight, and got so hot and uncomfortable I felt sick.  I am sure I won't be the only one avoiding going out soon.

Heatstroke is a real thing, and I bet there's going to be plenty of people keeling over from it soon.

Today?  I am going to a linen shop to get some white fitted sheets for my bed.  I only have one white one, and it's nearing it's use by date. I also need salt.

For dyeing the tights I bought yesterday.   I forgot ya need salt for that job.

Once I've got the salt, I will come home and dye the tights.  FUN!

...  12 noon.  We went to Chartwell Square this morning.  I am sick of going to The Base and it's just crazy crowded there.

Chartwell was great, not too many people at all.
We found a Pop Up shop that was selling heaps of T-shirts, and we got two more:

ABOVE:  Another jellyfish one, same price.  Horribly expensive for a T-shirt, but hell, ya only live once.

We went to Countdown and grabbed some salt, so now I can dye some leggings.   I might just do one today and see how they turn out before doing the other 3.

Steve, Bex and the boys called in for a swim.
It's so lovely having them pop in all the time.  I wish more of the family did!

ABOVE: There was a tug of war over the toy.  When Steve growled, Marley promptly gave up!  She was really confused, and not impressed I think!
Just a bit funny.

ABOVE: The first pair of leggins I'm dyeing is to wear with this top....

ABOVE: So far so good.  They have about 15 more minutes to go before I rinse and wash them.  Then they have to dry in the shade before I can see the final result.
Next will be some blue ones.

11.47 pm:  And I didn't end up doing any more of the leggings today.  What with visitors here, then dinner and a quiet evening, just didn't happen.
Might do more tomorrow.
But for now... it's bedtime.
Thank god it's been a cooler day today, much less humidity and a nice breeze.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Down here they take a photo òf your card at cafe, restaurant etc. True though, someone could borrow one. Just need to print out the email etc. Have a great day.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Vaccine passes are being used in practically all countries - the UK hasn't been using them for venues such as night clubs but Boris Johnson has just announced that they will be very soon because of Omricon, so its not just New Zealand. I agree with you about how easy it would be to use someone else's pass or even a fraudulent one but I think that is because there is so much work involved in checking them. Asian countries have been wearing masks for a very long time because of air pollution and most of those countries are much hotter than here but as I hate wearing them too I can't disagree with you. I feel so sorry for people that have to wear them for eight plus hours for their jobs. Have fun with the dying and have a good day. Audrey

  3. I have been asked once to shown mine you're right it's a joke 💙💙

  4. In Victoria you have to download it from the government site and show it on the govt app you use to check in. I guess it can be forged if you're desperate or stupid enough. You only have to show it at hospitality venues now and they can be fined huge sums if they don't comply. It's a bloody mess, though. Things change all the time and I can never keep up with what we can and can't do!

  5. vaccine proofs are a joke here too. A friend of mine is unvaxed. She got into a concert where everyone was just giving their proofs to everyone around them to get in. No ID check or anything.

  6. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I love those jellyfish shirts!

  7. Ohhh I love that top.

  8. Love the top hope the dying went well

  9. So far I've just had to turn mine in to work and showed it at the hospital when I took Jess. It's a joke here because I got Covid after I got those vaccines.

  10. In my part of Ontario and Manitoba you have to show id with your vaccine proof and they do look at it.

  11. Classy outfit. Would love to see it on you.


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