Saturday, December 18, 2021


 I saw this 'thingee' online.

ABOVE: It was a spinning thing that you could put a raw egg in and spin.

The concept was to spin the yolk into the white, so once cooked, the yolk was all through the white.

NO dry egg yolk... which a lot of people don't like, me for one.

So, I ordered one, and it arrived.  I tried it out, but did it wrong first try.

Second try?

ABOVE:  BOOM!  A 'Golden Egg'.  It worked.  And according to Keera, Stew and I, it tasted just fine.

Just like eating egg white really.  But you get the goodness of the yolk without the dryness.

I'm never cooking a hard boiled egg without spinning it first from now on.  For sure.

Now, back to today.

Once Keera has gone off with her Mum, Stew and I will head out for some last minute shopping for Christmas.  Not that we need much.  I've done all the gift shopping.  It's more to just get out and about.

Never thought of it like that before.  

So a plan we have.

Stew hasn't had any new t-shirts in YEARS, so once he's ready we will go and find him some.

I've insisted we wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree!  lol

More 'presents' to open.  Who doesn't want more presents, even if ya bought them yourself?

ABOVE: while out... we took a moment  to visit 'our' lounge suite. 🤣😅😊

We've found some nice t shirts for Stew. And I got some cotton legging for $6 each.
I bought white ones which I plan on dyeing to the colours I want.
That could be fun?

ABOVE:  It's a very windy day.  And this is why I wear my hair tied up 99% of the time.

ABOVE:  Stew's new t-shirts.  Two were horribly expensive, and two were fairly cheap.
Can you pick the cheap vs. expensive ones out?


                  Ahhhh.... PEPSI.  I love it.

Stew is outside mowing our micro lawn. This crazy wet/dry/hot weather has caused it to grow 2 feet tall!!!  Same with the weeds.
I even went out there and did some weeding!
Unheard of.  

Stew is cooking dinner tonight.  Mock Whitebait Fritters.  I am looking forward to that!   ... and scrap that idea.
We are both still full from lunch (Pizza and wedges at Foundation at the Base).  So it will be just a sandwich for dinner. 

8 pm:  OMG talk about change our minds!!!
Stew is now making Mock Whitebait Fritters.  We got hungry.  😂😅😆

10 pm:  and that's a wrap on the day.  Our dinner was delicious.  We hadn't had MWF in a couple of years at least.  So yum.


  1. LOVE the memes! And yes Chris, I couldn't agree more - I suspect your blog is the most interesting thing in some people's lives. Have a great weekend - Christine in Wellington

  2. Snap the lounge suite is almost identical to mine!

  3. Definitely can’t pick the price diff with Stew’s shirts but I do love the jellyfish

  4. Kiwionholidays3:24 PM

    Can’t tell the diff but 2and 4 more expensive?
    Will check back later
    They all look new clean and fresh ready for Summer
    Good choices you two,

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love the blue shirts. You man is getting more handsome as he gets older. Love the couch too. Happy days.

  6. The T shirts look great. Hard to tell from a photo - I need to feel the fabric and look at the finish.
    Mock whitebait fritters? So no eyes?

    1. Yep, no eyes! Made with grated potato, grated cheese and a batter.

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      They sound yummy. Photos please. Kj

    3. Shit sorry! Too late, we ate them before your comment was published.


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