Thursday, December 09, 2021


 Is anyone done and dusted when it comes to gift buying/wrapping, and Christmas tree decorations all up?

When I was wrapping presents yesterday I realised I had two 'gaps' in the present pile.

So ... today I will go out and try to find something for those two people.

I already have some little things for them, but just not enough.

All year I've been buying small gifts for everyone, so it wasn't a huge expense at the end of the year.  

Do you do that too?

I always start my Christmas shopping around January.  lol

Surely other people do this too?

ABOVE: Half way done.  Phew.  This year I've really tried to do the present wrapping nicely!  Inside each box or bag is several individually wrapped gifts.  I hope everyone appreciates my efforts.  Usually I literally throw the paper at things and swear ... A LOT.  lol

I was determined to actually make an effort this year.  Last Christmas was dampened by the recent loss of my Mum. This year I wanted to enjoy it.

'Stew' has bought me a few really lovely presents I must say!  lol   Nothing extravagant, just a sprinkling of joy.

Is there anything YOU dream of getting for Christmas?  I know there is NOTHING I dream of any more.  We have everything we need or want.

I think happy experiences with family and friends is all I really want now.
And thankfully, we should have everyone here with us, this Christmas, who love and care for us.

I hope you can say the same.

We've still not heard from the Asphalt company.  Outrageous behaviour I must say.  But, I'm not letting it get to me.  I've had enough stress and battles over carpet and shoddy paint jobs already!  
As someone said 'You couldn't make this shit up!"
I shall just wait until after 6 pm today, and if they don't turn up, I will send them an email again, because tomorrow is the one week deadline to pay the balance owing.  

And they are not getting another damn cent out of us until they resolve the issues with their rushed job.  I noticed tar on our new garage door yesterday.  Wasn't impressed with that either.

2.25 pm:  Oh wow, I didn't realise I'd not been back on here all day.
Well... I went to the Base and found gifts to fill the gaps, then came home and carried on wrapping friggin presents.
Right at the end ... dammit!
One more gap.

So, I will sort that one out tomorrow.

I've still got two people's gifts to wrap, also on my list to do TOMORROW.  Cos I'm damn well over them for today.

There's still water running on the driveway.  No photo today, it just looks the same as previous days.

I'm starting to wonder if they are going to come back?  

Bex is bringing the boys over this afternoon (after school), for a swim.  I might join them, if I can find the energy.

ABOVE: What was I thinking????
She is now named RIO.  Christy you are a pain in the bum... said every so nicely.  And Tracy, you too.

ABOVE:  Bees and lavender... can't get enough of them.

ABOVE:  kids in the pool... and Bex and I joined them.  It was so very refreshing.

8.43 pm:  Stew and I decided to have dinner on our own this evening, so we took off to the lake.  And had KFC burgers and chips for dinner.
We had lots of company, both humans and birds.
It was a delightful place to sit and enjoy dinner and the scenery.
I took 'a few' photos... and will share them tomorrow.

Now that we are home it's back to 'normal'... relaxing in front of the telly, or on YouTube or the computer.  Just chillin'.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Done and Dusted??? !!!
    Can you say....... Not started yet!
    I have too many people on the list that I see twice a year and have no clue what to get them.

  2. You did a wonderful job with your gift wrapping. Those gift wrapped boxes look like they were done by a department store gift wrapper. I agree with you on your driveway stance. It was a sloppy job and what type of asphalt was used for it to be so inconsistent in color. AND... why is water appearing out of nowhere?

  3. I've never started gift buying early. Never. I do try to start in November and have still not got everything because my daughter is still to let me know what she'd like. I don't buy for many people though so it's relatively easy. I really, really hate that whole thing and am officially the hardest person to buy for because I hate clutter, don't collect anything and have everything I need or want.

  4. I always shop last minute, started when we were poor lol

  5. Trish in Aussie10:44 AM

    The one thing I dream of is our son and daughter getting in touch again. We haven't had any contact for seven years. That would be the best Christmas present. Failing that well you can't have too much jewellery. ;)

  6. Your tree and presents look awesome! I am not a huge fan of present wrapping either ... and am running late with that task again this year (plus my Christmas cards!)

    1. Paula i make xmas cards but have yet to actually write on any and send them

    2. Happy Christmas to you and Christian

  7. the presents look absolutely gorgeous!!! I buy bits for the boys throughout the year and if I see anything my two neices might like. I buy myself a little something from "Tom" especially when the kids were younger, my gift might have been from Santa which they always enjoyed.

  8. oh and I'd like to know why the new friend is called Suz..... I thought they were R's. Please rename to Raeleen, Ruth, Ramona or Reese thanks!

    1. Yes!! I agree, surely Suz will get teased for not having an "R" name :-)

  9. Mine is pretty much done apart from a few small last minute stocking stuffers. Oh & my flatmate because I have no bloody clue what to get her :-(. I try & get stuff during the year if I see something I know they want/like. I actually only buy for the kids & the flatmate (and I would stop hers if she did not insist on getting stuff for us). I will do the odd one for others like the neighbour across the road and anyone who is at our place on Christmas Day.

  10. Glad u changed her name too

  11. I ain't got anything yet but have it sorted in my head 🤣🤣 bloody hot here again 30 degrees 💙💙

  12. I hope you are taking pics of the driveway every day, in case you need them in the future. A record of this might be useful. Hopefully it is not doing any unseen damage. Trapped water that freezes is destructive. Time to give them another reminder that you have issues. Issues that are more troubling than the mess that you were originally upset about. (IMO)

  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    She looks like a Rio. Happy Holidays! Ky Girl

  14. lololol nice choice!!!!

  15. My present will be being able to see famiky after 6 months!!

  16. you crack me up... I prefer Ramona but OK lolololol xxxxx


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