Sunday, December 26, 2021



It's time to take all the decorations DOWN, and pack them up until next December!

I know is seems like indecently quick after Christmas, but let me assure you, they have been up way longer than 'normal'.

I usually put them up a few days before Christmas.  This year they've been up all of December.

So, I'm over them.

I will be putting everything into black sacks and storing them either in the roof above the garage, or in our 'Christmas Cupboard'.

I bet it doesn't take me very long to get that done.  Stew can help me, that should cut the time down.

There is going to be so much less CLUTTER!  I can't wait.

After that, I'm going to do some general housework before jumping in the pool.

It's going to be another stinking hot day.

ABOVE:  Griffin and his hairstyle.  Certainly his own unique style.  At least it's clean and tidy!

ABOVE:  Brylee sent me this photo late last night.  Her in one of each set of new socks.  

I reckon Lacy should now send me a photo of hers!  And Keera's.  Cos they are CRAZY bright.  lol

OK, time to get up and start putting stuff away.

Catch ya later......... and for those in the Northern Hemisphere, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

OH and NO, there is not a shit show in HELL we are venturing out to do any Boxing Day shopping!

We don't need a single thing!  And I'm not going to join the crazy masses who think they will score a bargain on Boxing Day.  

Sometimes the 'marked down price' is actually higher than the normal price.  Do ya homework people, is all I can say.

10.30 am:  Making good inroads into all the jobs on today's list.

ABOVE:  Taking a pause from winding tree lights off the tree.  400 down, about 100 to go.

ABOVE:  All the Christmas stuff in the lounge... waiting to be put into bags and stored away till next year.

ABOVE: There was a shelving unit just inside that gym room door.  We kept that door closed, as there's a double one on other side of the room (to the right) that we use.

But I had a bright idea to open it up and see if we could get a breeze coming through there and into the family room, which gets unbearably hot over summer.

So, we moved the shelving unit into the garage and now we wait for a westerly wind.  Fingers crossed it makes a difference.

ABOVE:  See?  The other door.

ABOVE:  It wasn't lost on me... those two dress the same, right down to the socks!  A little bit cute.  OK, she was wearing a dress, and he was in shorts.  But same, same.

Right, back to it.... those Christmas things ain't getting into bags on their own.

8.52 pm:  The day got away on me.  I forgot to update!

-  All the Christmas stuff is away for the next year.

- Steve, Bex and the boys came over for a swim.

- Stew and I had a left overs for lunch.

Then we went to Mitre 10 to look at wood for my shiplap walls under the kitchen bench.  Didn't get anything.

Came home and jumped in the pool.... it was so refreshing.

Then I got the washing in, and started dinner.

Steve and Co. came back for another swim.

It's so neat seeing the pool getting so much use.

Now... watching TV till bedtime.  It's too damn hot to do anything else.

I've got to stop eating leftovers!  When will I learn?  Portions are totally out of control ... now I feel sick again.

What a dick.


  1. Good for you Chris! Wish I get could get my decos put away too. ASAP!! Enjoy the pool

  2. The little boys lok so much more confident in the poolthis year my inside decorations stay up until end of January and outside lights until March April when it starts getting cold at night so drapes need closing...if drapes closed i wont c the lights so down they come.

  3. Griffin must have nice thick hair for that style. If i did that my pony tail would be the size of a pencil. And he is doing a great job keeping it shaved! Putting the Christmas goods away will get the house back to normal. Any driveway updates? No news is good news - I guess.

  4. My Christmas decluttering will involve removing the Christmas cards and putting one lonely ornament back in the cupboard! Glad you all had a wonderful day.

  5. Would love to put our Christmas tree away but have to wait till daughter and kids come back and have their late Christmas here.

  6. Each to their own about putting Christmas decorations away 🤷‍♀️ I’d imagine your OCD would be driving you crazy so putting them away would be a must. Do you ever relax and enjoy the moment ?

  7. Kiwionholidays10:46 PM

    Fabulous that your pool is getting heaps of use,,
    The more you use it the better it is, cos more refreshing days, n more pics to add to the Memories for you all,

    Cheers 🥂

  8. My daughter Melissa and her boyfriend share their shoes even lol


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