Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 Bonsai Forest by Masahiko Kimura...

ABOVE:  It's amazing!  (I nicked it off Facebook.)

I feel like I had a rather lazy day yesterday.

Might repeat it.

Sewing has gone off the boil.  Will pick it up again after Christmas I think.

Right now I just want to get Christmas and New Year over, and all of January really!

I am hoping like hell the driveway issue is resolved by the end of January too.  Miracles do happen right?

I picked up my Christmas present from Stew yesterday.  I need to wrap it now.  And a couple of straggler presents that crept into the house these past few days.  

9am:  And I've already seen Steve today.  He came over to borrow something.

I was asked recently: Why do we only see Steve, Bex and the boys on the blog?
Don't you have a big family?  

The answer is simple.  We see those who actually care enough to visit ALL THE TIME.  Lacy, Brylee and Griffin pop in fairly regularly.
Amanda works full time, I'm sure she would be here more if she could.
Mike and Joyce live 4.5 hours away, but for sure we would see more of them if they lived closer.

I hope that answered your question.

ABOVE: The sad pile of presents for people who won't be here on Christmas Day.  

I will try not to mention the DRIVEWAY anymore.
If there is any news, you will find out!
But for now, I'm shelving it. 
Moving on and looking forward to Christmas in a few days.

I've just been fluffing around this morning.  Getting a few things ready for Christmas and January.
Stew and I hope to go away for a few little trips.  We have lined up Lacy and her friend Tarsh to be here to look after the house/dogs/goldfish etc while we are away.

We are also hoping to do a 2 week South Island trip sometime in February or March, but that will be totally dependant on how COVID is tracking through the country.
We don't want to risk getting locked down at the bottom of the South Island, with no way home.

ABOVE: Look what Bex made for me!  Well, I did give her a very big hint that it would be lovely if she made Rudolf for me!

Bex and the boys came over late afternoon for a swim.  I put Marley in as well... but kept a hold of her the entire time as I really think she would have sunk.
She seemed to actually enjoy it.  

ABOVE:  Marley having a swim.  I hope it cooled her down.
Coco ran off and hid.  I took the hint she did not want to be dunked in the pool. 😂😊

7.40 pm:  OMG those Kumera Poppas were amazing!  We had them with a lettuce salad.  And we will definitely be having them again.

Wind down time ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. coolest bonsai i have ever seen!
    I think my arm is feeling well enough now for me to start going stir crazy. It's my dominant hand and I feel helpless. I had surgery on Friday and will likely be out of commision for two more months at minimum. ARG

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Miracles do happen Chris. Annette, liver transplant 28 yrs ago, started rejecting 7 users ago. Has been on transplant list ever since. Results started improving 2 years ago. 2 weeks ago spec in US told her her liver is growing again, it's pink, the cirrhosis of liver has gone and her score for liver health is 7. 6 is a perfect liver!!! When asked what she's doing that might have caused it. Donuts and coffee. Still takes anti rejection drugs but wow, plenty to celebrate. Dr said it's a miracle!

    1. That is amazing and such wonderful news Karen! You hang in there too... cos I'm 100% positive you are going to get a good result too.

  3. love your new Rudolph!!!... merry Christmas to you all xxxxxxx

  4. Rudolph is so lovable you will be need bigger box when you put all your Christmas family away this year.

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    No stroke Chris but I have dizziness in my eyes that isn't vertigo and they don't know what's causing it. So not allowed to drive until I've seen neurologist. No Xmas in Napier for me. Might be zoom Christmas.

  6. Fantastic that Lacy and her friend can be there to look after the animals! You are going to come home to well-groomed doggos!

  7. oh my. is there a doggy lifejacket in your future?


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