Wednesday, July 17, 2019


I totally love this group... PENTATONIX.
We all have different musical tastes of course, but this group?


ABOVE: This is a fairly new song of theirs.

We don't hear much of this group on our airwaves sadly.  But I get my full from YouTube, thank goodness for YouTube.  *smiles*

They are doing a World Tour soon, and are coming to New Zealand in February.  Doubt we will be able to go though.  Bound to be freakin' expensive.

So today... I've got work till 1.30 pm.  And then once I'm home I'm going to crack on with tidying up my home.

The garage is super cluttered right now, cos everything I don't want to keep is in there.

Kelly is coming out this afternoon to pick up a chair, yaa something else leaving the house.

Hopefully the two furniture items I listed on our local auction site will be picked up in the next few days too.  They are both 'sold' which is good.

Right... I'm off to get ready for work.  Catch  ya later.


2.55 pm:  Work today was ... a NO BUM DAY!
But I did have something else happen that was a first.

I went into a resident's room around 10.30 am to find him ever so slightly drunk!  Yep, he'd been drinking Whiskey cos he told me he was stressed.  Life is very HARD when you are 90+ ya know.

And then he asked me to wash his glass and put it in the cupboard, cos his daughter was visiting him soon and he didn't want her to do it.

MORE LIKE he didn't want her to know he'd been drinking whiskey for morning 'tea'. lol

So anyway, I got home to find Kelly, Lacy and Rena waiting to be let in.  Kelly came out to pick up the chair we gave her.
Stupid thing is, the teenager was home and could have let them in.  Derrr.

Now... it's 3 pm and I WAS going to tidy up the garage, but I just can't be arsed right now.  Maybe later.


I cannot BELIEVE one of my long time blog readers, Nicole W, who has never met me, has gone and bought me FOUR TICKETS to see PENTATONIX next February! ! ! !

I cried on the spot when I received her email letting me know what she had done for me!
Nicole, what you have done is beyond kind, and I am just so thankful to you.

I never in a million years expected ANYONE to go and buy tickets for me!!!  

THANK YOU NICOLE, you are just the most lovely, kind and generous girl. ♥♥♥

11 pm:  I had an FBG Mappers meeting tonight. We went over quite a few things, a very productive evening.  Lots of laughs.  I just love those girls.  I do believe I will be getting a few walks in over the next month or so, all going well.

Right now though, I've got soup to prepare for tomorrow (crock pot), supplies readied for tomorrow morning's house clean and then... off to bed.


  1. Tickets should only be $ 99 per ticket for the cheapest ones - possibly even $ 75.

  2. Im having a cant be frigged day so sitting by heater

  3. Get Spotify (there is a free subscription) - loads of this band there!! I love Spotify :)

  4. OK that is adorable!!!! well done Nicole!!!!! from Christy xx

  5. What a fabulous gesture on her behalf. See what goes round comes round, and you show kindness and hospitality to family and friends and so now you are on the receiving end..

    How neat is that?

    Well done Nicole W . So Kind.

    Talking of music when I read about yours and then the ones at home waiting, and I thought of Tony Orlando and Dawn (smiles)

    Knock three times, Maybe the teen hadnt heard the knocks,, (benefit of the doubt )

    Sounds like all in all you have had a fab day

  6. Wow!!!! Fan-bloody-tastic. You're gonna have a ball at the concert.

  7. OMG SO deserved how cool a no bum day.... Lol

  8. What a lovely gesture :) Enjoy the concert - now the big decision - who's going with you :)

  9. I remember watching them on a tv show called The Sing-Off in 2011 that they won. That was really the beginning for them and they have been so successful. I love them. What a nice thing for Nicole to do for you.

  10. Pentatonix are awesome!!!! My faves are Joelene and Hallelujah :)


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