Sunday, July 07, 2019


Do you remember me saying New Zealand has gone 'Single Use Plastic Bag Free' the other day?


I take it back.

It's utter bullshit.

The supermarkets, fruit and vege shops and the like CAN still use them for their produce.  Apparently because they don't have 'handles' they ain't a 'bag'.

So they can still be used.  

What a crock of shit.  Don't go thinking this country is leading the way by banning them... cos clearly we are still using them.

I'm just disgusted.  Hoodwinked to the max.

They will still end up killing animals/birds and fish life by littering up our waterways and seas.

While at the supermarket yesterday we bought some reusable mesh bags for our veges, and I'm going to make a few more for us too.

And NO, I won't be making any for my markets as there's HEAPS of other people already doing that. 

TODAY:  First thing this morning Bex and Keera are making a birthday cake.  I was going to buy one ... but I decided the kid would rather have another Barbie gift, as opposed to a $45 cake from the supermarket.

Now, a few more photos from yesterday, in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  I said 'Smile'.  Yeah. There's always one.

ABOVE:  Again... I said 'Smile', only this time the damn father gave me the evils!  Like... come on,  you should be used to getting ya photo taken in this house!

And that's a wrap for now.  We are expecting Lacy out for lunch today.
Then a bit later on we are heading out to visit other family.

Catch ya later.


Ok... today has been busy as f#:k.

Lacy came out.  Then left cos she was sick. We made and ate lunch.

Then I popped out to my FBG MID WINTER CHRISTMAS PARTY. 

Now home and about to prepare dinner.... lamb chops and vegies. 

Family will be staying for dinner then heading home again. 

Will do more photos tonight/tomorrow. 

 ABOVE:  I didn't make a pretty Christmas Tree... but it was fun.

ABOVE :  The Fat Bottomed Girl's Mid-Winter Christmas Party was lovely, nice to catch up with so many friends.

Right.  Dinner is done.  Cake is done (photos tomorrow), and visitors have gone home to Auckland.
Time to relax.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Keera! Cant believe she is already 7..the time goes so fast. She looks quite pleased with her new Barbie stuff. Hope she has a great party!

  2. What a neat lota pics . No two anywhere near the same. That dolls house will be used so much and love to see her doing all the furniture etc and the lil guys helping as well .. Lovely happy days!!

    Enjoy the day.


  3. I hope that you are all enjoying your family time, and that Keera is enjoying her birthday celebrations. The dolls house looks lovely and I'm sure she will get a lot of pleasure out of it. Re the plastic bags, while I'm all for looking after the environment, I wish educating people about personal responsibility had been pushed a little further before the full ban took place. There is a lot more damage from disposable nappies to our environment, but I don't see the Government banning them. Last night I was incredibly grateful that I had a plastic bag in my car to put our Vietnamese takeaways in ... because by the time I got home there was about an inch of spicy juice sitting in the base of the plastic bag. Had I had it in a paper bag or a recyclable bag, the carpet in my car where the bag was sitting (or worse, the seat) would have been one awful stained mess.

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Oh my goodness your family looks so happy and so loved, Jo

  5. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Looks like a lovely day was had by all..great pics, Keera looks very happy and close with Bex.


  6. Great bunch of photos today/ clever idea/ a Christmas party in july

  7. Anonymous1:42 AM think that is what you mean?

  8. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Love the family photos. Love love the Xmas tree. Kj


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