Friday, July 19, 2019


This week I've kinda got back into my groove.

I had a hiccup the last few weeks with one thing or another.

Got overtired.
Got stressed out.
Got MEGA CRANKY AND UPSET and nearly pulled the pin on my blog.

But I am coming right.  Just had to FRIGGIN CHILL OUT.

Which is easier said than done of course, particularly when it's things beyond your control that are stressing you out.

I was also at the point where my own housework was getting so far behind ...  that was also stressing me out!  

I'm a bit weird like that.  Can't stand seeing my house messy.

But I'm getting on top of it.  Having a big tidy up, getting rid of a few things has really helped my mood.

AND MUSIC... I've been listening to my favourites list on YouTube and it cheers me up SO MUCH.  And now I have something HUGE to look forward to thanks to Nicole... 

... PENTATONIX!!!!  OMG I am so excited, I still tear up just thinking about it.

This is my next project:

ABOVE:  The 'spare' bedroom.   I'm going to rip the pink border off, and those friggin flowers!  Then I'll fix the holes in the wall left from getting a shelf off ages ago, and paint the room all fresh again.

Then I am going to get a single bed that has a trundler under it for when we have visitors.

All that will take weeks I'm sure... so it's not a rip, shit and bust job.

And I will have to save up for the bed too... this is what I have me eye on:

ABOVE:  It comes in both colours, but we like the white one.  Please don't remind me that I gave away our two single beds not that long ago ok!  lol

At least I kept the mattresses.  *smiles*

Today:  I've got a three hour private house clean this morning (big job), then a two hour break at home for lunch, then a laundry shift at the rest home.

So a full day.  



Half way through my day... and sheesh I could literally fall asleep right now.  Already tired, and I have a shift at the rest home ahead of me yet.  *sigh*

I just had some left over pea 'n' bacon soup for lunch, it was rather yum.

Half an hour till I need to leave for work... catch ya later.

Another good shift at the rest home.  NO bums.
Just one super grumpy old man.  
Nice to get home knowing I now have 3 full days with no work.


  1. What a lovely piece of furniture the White trundler bed is Chris Great choice.(just saying like ) smiles . Prefer that lighter colour and the new paint on the room will freshen it up like new.

    Good you are getting back on track ..We all get in to melt downs now and again and you do have a lot on but know you will get back on top soon.

    fab that the music is helping thats the best form of stress relief we find..

    Have a gr8 weekend

  2. You have been wanting to get rid of that border since you first saw that house! I am shocked it lasted this long. The trundle bed will be darling. There might even be on of those on TradeMe - that you could paint up white and distressed or something. Hey - what ever happened to those pour paintings. I don't think we ever saw them again after they had to go dry for a month ot two! Did they keep their vibrance?

  3. Wet miserable day in south so inside chores and warm fire

  4. WOoohooo 3 days off, you need that!


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