Tuesday, July 30, 2019


This morning I have a private house clean to do, then after that I am definitely going into Hamilton to get some boxes.  (clearly I didn't get there yesterday eh) lol

I need them so I can start to pare down the household linens.

We have MASSES of linen and I want to box up some of it.  It will be the first box packed up.  

I'm sure that over time I will have quite a few!  lol

ABOVE: This is the start of what will be in our garage sale!  
Isn't there a lot of blue glass!    

It is amazing how much 'stuff' you simply don't use. Or you just stop loving it and don't mind giving it up.

I am being ruthless though!  If I don't really, really LOVE it, or have a good use for it.... it's going.

ABOVE:  That little trifecta of blue glass is staying.  *smiles*  And I think there's just two other items of blue glass in the room that are staying too.

You know I handed in my notice at the Rest Home, well I am winding down all but one of my private cleaning jobs too, so I can concentrate on our next big move.

I have three weeks left with most of my jobs then I'm done.

If I ever get another job outside of the house, it won't be cleaning!  I've come to realise that my back simply can't handle it.  *sad face*

I'm getting old.  I don't feel 60 in me head, but OMG my back does.

Right, I better go and start the day.  Porridge awaits!


Right.  Where have I been all day!

At work firstly.  And although I'd not intended to, I did hand in my notice there as well.
So, in three weeks I will have no work outside the home, and can dedicate all my time to getting this house ready for sale.

And doing a few FBG walks and some sewing too.

After finishing at P's, I came home, cleaned myself up and went into Hamilton and bought boxes.

How lucky can you get?  I went and got the boxes I wanted ... for over half price!  They were on sale, just that one size.  I also got a lot of packing tape, ya need that shit for making up the boxes and then sealing them.

Then I came home.  But... not before ALMOST falling asleep at the wheel and NEARLY driving into the wire barriers on the Expressway!  It was bloody close, and I gave myself one hell of a fright.

So, clearly I was a bit tired, so I lay down and had a nap.  For like... 3 hours!  Woke up feeling groggy as hell.

ABOVE: Griffin got in the boxes for me, and now we are just waiting for Stew to get home before ordering some Fish 'n' Chips for dinner.

After dinner I am going to do what I should have done this afternoon, and paint all the edges in the spare bedroom, ready for rolling the paint on tomorrow afternoon.

GILLILAN:  The blue glass I am parting with:

ABOVE:  If you want it, and can collect it, this lot is $50.

Best laid plans... not going to be painting tonight after all.  It's just too cold.  And I'm too tired.  It will be an early to bed night for me, for sure.


  1. Can I plz have the plastic wine cups?

    1. Too late... Brylee asked forthem last night.

  2. Omg it's all so exciting. 🙂

  3. How much do you want for all of the blue glass stuff?

    1. $50. I took out one of the bowls, realised I did actually LOVE it. lol

  4. exciting times ahead... but don't rush to get rid of your possessions! I must be a hoarder because I'd freak out to give away all my pretty things!!!!!! Christy x (PS: although I do give a lot away on Pay it Forward, so I know a good purge is useful) lololololol

  5. Put out a call on your local community pages for moving boxes, they quite often come up when people have shifted they look to get rid of the boxes and usually have only been used once or twice so all in excellent condition. Much cheaper than buying new ones.

  6. Sandy in the USA2:17 PM

    It's so funny how many of us are starting to arrive at the same conclusions regarding downsizing and getting rid of stuff! Our local charity shops here have started to put out signs refusing donations because people are simply donating too much to handle. I wish I had had this frame of mind 30 years ago and would thusly never have accumulated so much stuff and wasted so much time and money, not to mention the big house I bought which ruined me financially back then. Anyway, it's never too early to start preparations for your garage sale so I say, box it up room by room and get organized :)

  7. Oh all you beautiful blue glass

  8. ohh you have some lovely blue stuff....wish I was closer...

  9. Yikes! What a fright!

  10. Thanks chris, would have loved it but hadn't really thought it through, I live in Masterton so wont be able to collect it. Never mind 🙂


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