Friday, July 05, 2019


On the 1st of July, New Zealand introduced a TOTAL BAN on single use plastic bags.

Awesome step towards being a more environmentally accountable country right.

So .. how come these were still in a Supermarket on Wednesday night?...

ABOVE: Damn sure they are 'single use' plastic bags!

Next.  We use toothpicks.  Mostly wooden ones.  But I have used 'single use' plastic ones too.
Then I saw these (they must be new to the market?):

ABOVE:  Wow, these look pretty awesome!  No more bits of wooden toothpicks stuck in me teeth!  And they are reusable... you just rinse them like ya do with your toothbrush.  In fact, they are like teeny, tiny toothbrushes.  

Today I have a shift at the rest home in the afternoon (NOT forgetting today), so I've got the whole morning 'off'.

And I'm gunna get back to that baby boy's quilt... if I work on it for a few hours today I will be well on the way to finishing it.

So, that's me day planned out... will check back in here later on.
Right now though, it's PORRIDGE TIME... *smiles*



Push play... moving on.
Going to sew now.

1.50 pm:  Just stopped sewing and had lunch.  Not going to forget work today... clock watching.  *smiles*

Might just set my alarm (on me phone) so I NEVER forget a shift again though.

8.07 pm:  it was a nice short shift at the Rest Home today... and NO BARE BUMS.
Another cute story though...

Written in our Laundry Communication Book today:  "Mrs S has lost her Red/White and Black cardigan.  FOUND.  She was wearing it!"

Yep, I bet that happens a lot.

I really enjoy the laundry shift.

When I got home from work I made super yummy pizzas for everyone.  So good.

The teenager is now out for the night, hopefully home midday tomorrow.
Brylee is due home from work any minute too... I'm about to put her pizza in the oven.

And it's FEET UP, BLANKIE ON, watch TV time.
Chilling for the evening, and SO THANKFUL I don't have work this weekend.

We have Steve, Bex and the kids coming tomorrow for the weekend, so should be a nice weekend.

Signing off for the day now... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE that fact that your country is banning single use plastics! Wish mine would. But my country seems hell bent on destroying the entire planet as quickly as possible. But that grocery store probably already had those bags in inventory. It would be even more wasteful to throw it all away. Once they are used up hopefully a different alternative will become available. I like those toothpick things. I use one that is plastic and rubber (after poking my gums with the wire in that type). But, I never thought about reusing them. Of course I will now!

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi the piksters are great they have been here in Australia for years, I use the 0 size.....only the thin plastic carry bags are banned here for carrying the shoppinf....not the bags for vegies...they sell you heavier plastic bags for reusing for carrying the shopping.

    I went to a dental specialist yesterday who does restorative work...I got the most ridiculous quote $9800 !!! and it only last 3-5 years...I will be going back to the normal dentist who can do something else and get another dentist opinion as teeth are not that bad they look fine. He said I didn't need crowns or veneers..he wanted to change the whole feel of my mouth by building up the teeth on the thanks


    1. OMG! Talk about a bloody rip off! Some dentists are nothing more that money grabbing thieves.

  3. My daughter had to use those tooth things when she had braces a few years ago. Handy. Adelaide introduced a ban on plastic bags about 10 years ago, and it went ok. Sydney did it a year or so ago and man, what a bunch of children! You would have thought people were asked to weave their own baskets prior to shopping! I got into the habit in Adelaide of keeping bags in my handbag. If you can find them, buy the nylon bags that roll up. I have a ziplock bag with about 8 of these in it, and I keep it in my work bag (I usually shop after work) so I just take them with me when I get out the car. I have another larger fold up shopping bag in my handbag. Also, in that ziplock bag, I have a little pouch of reusable produce bags, for fruit and veggies. So that helps too.

    1. I have been using my own bags and heavy plastic boxes for over 20 years.

  4. I love the line you wouldve thought people were asked to weave their own baskets in Colleens post (smiles)

    Have a great day

    Cheers !!


  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    We (Aus) have a single use plastic bag ban, but there's still the single use bags in the fruit and veg section. I guess there's some sort of exemption as they're not shopping bags, as such. When the ban first came in, I did see people getting them to carry all their shopping in, so they wouldn't have to pay 15 cents for a re-usable bag, but don't really see that any more. Liz

  6. Bags without handles are OK

  7. The "single use" plastic ban is ridiculous here. Now they just "sell" the thicker plastic bags that get tossed the same way.


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