Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Morning... I'm in bed, about to get up and go make me porridge.  Then I'll come back here and sit and read the news, some You Tube... and just relax till I have to get outta bed properly and start the day.

And today I have a 4 hour shift at the Rest Home.  Scrubbing floors, bathrooms etc.
So I'll be damn tired when I get home.

But, I hope to continue working on the baby quilt, it's looking so good!  I'm really excited about it.  It's NOTHING like I envisioned for a Baby Boy's Cot Quilt, but it's awesome.  A true ONE OFF for sure.

I have enough fabric left over to make a little pillowcase to match too, not that it will be having a pillow in it!  I will make it like a placemat really, just flat to put under baby's head.

 Oh... how about this, I saw both on Facebook:

 ABOVE:  I thought this was just lovely, and then I thought.... same can be said for ya MUM.
If you are lucky enough to still have your Mum, she can be your 'No Matter What Person' too.  

And this should apply for men too right?
Well I think so anyway.

ABOVE: And then I saw this.  And I had to laugh.  I personally need one of those around my neck sometimes.  And Marley does for sure.

And now... I'm off to get me porridge.  Catch ya later.


Whoops, sorry I've been home for a couple of hours already.  Had my lunch then sat down and put me feet up.  So tired.  It's crazy at work today.  Auditors in, so everyone was on their toes.  Second time the Auditors had been in the home in a week.... everything has to be done exactly right.  

Anyway, how many BB's today?

Thank goodness!

I'm about to get back to my sewing... had a nice break over my lunch time.

5.45 pm:  Just finished dinner prep. Chicken drumsticks on rice, baked in Teriyaki marinade.

I've also managed to get the backing fabric pinned onto the top part of the baby quilt, with the batting in the middle.  Next will be stitching it all together, then ... BINDING!

OMGosh I can see this quilt being finished in the next few days.  *squeals*
Can't wait to show you.  It's super cute.  

WELL OK... I think so anyway.  

Just found out a wee baby boy got born over in Australia TODAY!  Congratulations Heather and family... I will have his quilt done soon!

How lovely is that?  

Time to sign off for the day... Coronation Street is on tonight, so I shall watch that then head off to bed.


  1. I love those. My mum is definitely my no matter what. Those dogs are so funny πŸ˜ƒ. Have a super day πŸ’œ

  2. I love these. My mum was my no matter what...boy do I miss her.

    Have a good day x

  3. Will be lovely to get more time to spend on the quilt soon. That kinda thing is your R&R and, something you can sit and enjoy in a warm area..

    Love the no matter what one . Lovely to know we all have one or more of these ones in our lives.

    Hope you all of your extendeds and the teens are all good,, and looking forward to warmer weather.

    Amazing tho how fast the year has gone already!!

  4. Hey that looks familiar ;)

    I don't know how you do that scrubbing I'd be dying.

  5. steves my no matter what if he likes it or not lol. Youll be glad to get the baby quilt done and move to the next project. Xx dinner sounds yummy.

  6. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Perfect timing Chris, "Finn" arrived today, haven't seen him yet. Exciting πŸ’™πŸ§ΈπŸ’™ Kindest, Nana Heather.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Heather and family! Wonderful news.


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