Monday, July 08, 2019


Here's a few more photos from this weekend:

 ABOVE:  It's a hard life being a teenager... and a much loved little dog.  Coco was hounded by Archer all weekend.

 ABOVE:  Keera and Lacy.

 ABOVE: Lovely birthday cake.

ABOVE:  Blowing out the candles.  She got to take half of it home to have some tomorrow.

ABOVE:  yeah.  Not much else to say... *smiles*

Today I have a morning shift and an afternoon shift at the Rest Home.  So I pretty much am out all day.  Luckily we have lots of left overs from last night's dinner, so I won't need to cook tonight.


UPDATE:  a little while ago I told you I was terrified for someone in our family... who was facing an 'issue'.
Well... since then I've managed to calm down a bit, let the news settle and start to actually deal with it.

While not going into specifics, I can tell you that it is a medical issue with potentially a very serious outcome.
But we won't know till that person has seen a specialist, and THAT is going to take weeks, even months.

The person involved is on the 'HIGH/URGENT PRIORITY' waiting list to see said specialist through the public health system.  So we just have to wait.

I just hope waiting does not impact on the outcome.  

So there ya go... I'm still functioning OK... now the shock has worn off.  *smiles*

And now... I have to go to work.

5.55 pm:  And I am home from work, and immediately turned around and got dinner on.
We are having left overs from last night, so no biggie for me.  Thank god, cos I'm so tired!

Been one of those days.  Too many naked bums.  One bloody cranky old man who wanted me to chop the elastic out of his track pants cos they were too tight... they weren't even his.  *sigh*

Glad to be home.  But I do enjoy being at the Rest Home, nice to be with other people during the day.

The dogs miss me.  Marley has been very naughty, getting into things that she shouldn't, so now I have to lock them out of the rooms altogether when I'm not home.

Stew just got home, so I better get off here and spend some time with him before dishing up dinner.

Dinner was just lovely!  After dinner we went for a quick drive into Hamilton so I could travel on the new stretch of road at Tamahere, it was just opened today. 

And now, I'm literally falling asleep in my chair, so time I went to bed.  



  1. Such cute pics! I think Steve should adopt that hairstyle for a few weeks!

  2. Dante has it right his dad is such a great dad ... all memories the kids can cherish. Keera had a great birthday weekend...lots to talk about at morning talk. Oh i suppose they dont do that now it will be all on computer

  3. Oh No! I hope the family member can get in quickly. Not knowing stinks. And obviously ANYONE would want to start fixing the problem right away if there is a problem, and not let it progress. Medical issues can be quite a pain.

  4. What a lovely weekend for Keera, she is looking happy & healthy :-).

    Fingers crossed for a quick appointment, keep at them if any symptoms get worse.

  5. Loving the photos, agree with Tracy - Keera looks so healthy and happy xx Great job S and B

  6. Ah, welcome to the joys of being a working mum. I hate working full time then coming home and having to cook dinner immediately, do dishes and not getting downtime until after 7pm. You're too tired to do anything! Weekends are spent doing housework, shopping and any other social things that might come up. There's just not enough hours in the day.

    I need a holiday.... :P

  7. Great birthday pictures! Such a cutie!


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