Monday, July 22, 2019


ABOVE:  Exactly!  ...

My job today:

 ABOVE: I have the stuff I need to fix this:

 ABOVE:  Gotta put polyfilla in these biggish holes, and also a thin layer over all the places where that freakin' border took off the paintwork.

There's also quite a few smaller holes left from paintings, dings and so on.  So it might take me a couple of hours.

The other day Stew said he felt like our bedroom felt 'cold and not very cosy'.  So I changed it up a bit by doing this:

 ABOVE:  I took off the blue pillow cases, the blue valance and some of the blue accessories in the room.

Then I added some colour.  The cow painting and flowers were in the family room. 

A couple of colourful soft Britto toys from the lounge.

My pink throw blanket ... I sleep with it anyway, but it wasn't kept on the bed during the day.  Now it is. 

ABOVE: On this side I just added a pink scarf to the candle holder.  

I have a pretty floral duvet cover coming soon too, which I will put on the bed, then I can assess if that is enough.

I'm glad he mentioned how he felt, cos it was fun titivating the room.  *smiles*

I'm now eyeing up the mixed media artwork above the bed, wondering how I can add a bit of colour to it as well.  dumm dee dooo.... lol.

Right, now I am gunna make me porridge, lie in bed and read the news, look out the window at the birds worm hunting and then... get on with the day.


12.30 pm:  ha ha!  Done NOTHING in the spare bedroom.

Lacy came out for a quick visit.  And I rearranged the lounge furniture just a little bit.

 ABOVE:  mid move around...

 ABOVE:  done.  And now it's more 'conversation' friendly.

 ABOVE:  Over in the 'dining' area I'm going to take down the zebra painting and put this  there...

ABOVE:  Stew will be happy as he doesn't like having it in our room.  Not 'bedroom' furniture... but I  had nowhere else to put it. 
Now I do.  Made a space that's perfect for it.

So, a good morning.   And now I'm gunna stop and have some lunch before moving on to the spare bedroom.

Polyfilla is on.. though those bigger holes are gunna require a second application to fill them.  But, no hurry.
It's going to make a HUGE mess when it comes to sanding it all back, there's HEAPS of it all over the room.  But, needs must.

It's been a glorious day outside today, and I've not stepped out me front door.  Shame.

Dinner tonight is chicken drumsticks roasted in the oven, with veges.  Should be yum.

Dinner WAS yum... and now it's time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Did you know you can buy Britto artwork through Park West Gallery? Wall art, that is, too, not the figurines. It's beautiful. And embellished pieces are not as expensive as originals, but they're embellished by the artist so authentic.

  2. As I chuckle about the time that I said you are like me, always busy, unable to relax. Well.... That was probably a year ago and you have maybe relaxed once since then. I don't count the hour or two that you watch your shows. I am talking about how productive and busy you are EVERY SINGLE DAY! You Go, Girl!

  3. Oh - and the reason I chuckle - is that you disagreed!

  4. Love all the changes .Especially the new look lounge!!

    Its neat that you have an open plan lounge area that you can rearrange as you feel inclined .

    To buy an established home like you have,,, that has to be a plus.

    When we built our own homes,, we worked in with wall space,, power points,, furniture etc etc
    But to get it like you have is gr8.

    We are in our 1st established home now (gr8 location) and spent ages on renos to get it for our footprints (smiles)

    Now its time to come home for a long holiday and see what we are missing !!

  5. Bedroom looks great. As for the picture above your bed, looking at it from my view I would paint the big starfish a similar pink to the throw and the scarf on the dresser :)

  6. Anonymous11:10 AM

    A painted feature wall in a warm shade is a quick way to change the look and feel of a room, and easy to paint over if you get tired of it. Ally S Melbourne


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