Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Yaaa, I only have one shift today!
I will be out till 1.30 this afternoon, then the rest of the day is mine.

And I will be working on the Baby Boy Quilt... and all going well I might even get it almost finished.

IF I can spend a good few hours on it.

Bloody work!  I started working so I could a.  afford the bloody dentists bills and b. so I could afford to keep sewing.

And now?  I have no time to sew!  It's mad this week, I have to work 7 days straight.  Not that I will be doing that again (I hope), it's just that I am covering for a lady who's away all week.

I have decided to get the dental bills done and dusted, then re-asses this working lark!  If I can't afford to sew, maybe so be it.  I'm just so tired all the time, working on my feet day in day out is just shit.
And let's not even mention the damn back ache!

While I don't think I'm a 'quitter'... I also don't want to be run into the ground!

So a bit to think on really.  But for now, I shall keep on working.  And copping an eyeful of naked bums/boobs/and bits.

Gawd... yesterday I walked in on two completely naked ladies!  Starkers.  I really need to grow thicker skin, or just get used to it!

One lady had NO REASON to be standing in her room stark naked either.  She just was.  Tis interesting working in a rest home I tell ya!

And on that note... I'm outta here.  Got 4 hours of cleaning ahead of me... and there better be NO BUMS.


OK.  Looks like someone has taken offence to me talking about people's naked bums etc.  So from now on, there will be no more stories from the Rest Home.

And as it's all I do ... cleaning/working/home/cleaning/working/home... I am taking a break from blogging.


I was just talking to Brylee about the above ... and she said I need to be honest with you all.

Well, here it is.

I feel like my blog is now utterly boring.
I do nothing but work or stay at home.
I am feeling pressure to come up with something to put on the blog most days.
I'm just over it.

I'm not going to just disappear.   I just need to take a break.  It's been 13 years of blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I'm just over it.
Maybe I will do a Weekly Blog ?
I don't know. 

***So for now... catch ya later.***


  1. You r far from being a quitter missy u r one of the hardest workers I know

  2. Does Brylee encountered bare bums and naked people at her work place?

    1. Brylee has not encountered any naked residents to date. She does an entirely different job to me.

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Brylee is a carer in a home and as such is their there to do personal care for the residents, showering , toileting, dressing,assisting with meals etc etc. The nursing home is now their home and as such they do things that everyone does at their own homes in privacy. Some people get various degrees of dementia and memory loss and lose inhibitions etc.. It is nothing unusual it happens everywhere. I am a nurse from both the hospital and aged care for many years. It could be our mothers and fathers in these facilities and my mother was before she passed away. Respect.

    1. If I have been disrespectful in your opinion ... I apologise. I have never used any names to identify anyone though. But anyway. I will cease telling funny stories.

    2. I dont see how she has read this as been disrespectful to anyone. As you have to stated any names.

      I dont speak for everyone who reads but your stories are funny and it doesn't just make me laugh but it makes for good work stories at my work lol🤣🤣

  4. My guess is that you stick with the private cleaning and just do the rest home temporarily. But paying for the dental bills and getting a little money in the sewing jar will be nice - TEMPORARILY. Who knows though. But you don't have to keep it up if you don't want to.

  5. Lacy Harvey2:39 PM

    LIES 🤥 you won't stop blogging, if people get stroppy about something you post they can fudge off and stop reading grrrrr

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hi Chris, I don’t think you’ve ever been disrespectful in the way you’ve talked about residents. That said it is helpful to remember that the people there are someone’s Mum/Dad etc. Some people will take offence at anything!

    Something that has been bothering me for a while, that I did want to bring up is your mentions of ‘the teenager’. You’re obviously having issues, which is a normal part of growing up and we’ve all gone through it. However, I think you’d be better of not mentioning him at all than making comments which could be interpreted as a bit passive-aggressive. Sorry, but I just felt I had to say something! I hope you can take this in the spirit it is intended.

    Your blog is great and we all love hearing about the things you get up to every day. Melanie.

  7. Your blog is far from boring . I love reading about your life. Read it every day, a few times a day . Dont let a stupid comment ruin my fun lol 🙂

  8. I never take anything in the spirit it is intended when someone is trying to tell me what to do, how to parent or anything that is not their business actually. I'm stroppy, take offence easily and am generally a typical, strong willed Tart, who had brought up 8 kids without killing any of them. Which I want noted. Cos some of them have tested me to the MAX. Being passive aggressive? Hows this comment working for you?

  9. 🤤 gobsmacked. Once again. Sensitive wee souls.

  10. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Honestly some people, when my Mum was being cared for staff seeing her backside was her and our last concern. What she loved was caring staff who looked after her, in my opinion the person who complained has no experience of caring for the elderly. I gave up work for the same thing your finding now. Jo

  11. CLEARLY I'M FEELING REALLY RATTLED... so am going to leave this now... and go do something nice. Like sleep.

  12. Why is it that people who have nothing nice to say are not brave enough to put their names to it??? Yet again Anonymous strikes.

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself to update all the time if you are finding it a chore, you have a lot on at the moment.

    Personally I love the stories of the residents and the naked bum count, a reminder of what working in aged care is like.

  13. We know u love your teenagers but yup they get under ya skin of course they do
    Your blog you life you can say whatever u want...isnt it great when anonymous ppl make remarks they hsvnt got the balls to put there name too.
    Hope u r back soon what the hell am i gonna do if i havnt got dietcokerocks to visit some days several times...i dnt have a life

  14. Some people should just go away and not read your blog, honestly if your readers don’t know you by now, that you have a heart of gold, and that you are Chris, feisty, but sensitive they are obviously just not reading what you write, they don’t get you and that is their loss, don’t give them the right to read your blog, Block them, Your blog is never boring, it’s about you and your life and you don’t need the negative comments from people who just don’t get you. Xxx

  15. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Oh how will we know how many bare bums you get to see. Do what you need to for yourself Chris :-) feel better really soon. xx Michele PN

  16. Heck things have changed since I checked in today .. I have enjoyed reading your blog I take it for what it is, a family with lots of comings and goings of a really busy life.
    Its nice you have taken the time to share it and the lovely photos of you all and the lovely wee dogs etc and the lovely craft you are so good at ..

    Dont stay away too long please cos will miss the updates,, and please dont let this get you down if you can help it,,

    cos Life has enough curve balls around healthwise etc over 50 so emotional knock backs are not fair,, when you are such a spreader of family, kindness and hospitality ..


  17. My god some people.. if you dont like what is written then dont read it.

    It's normal the first thing I read every morning and the last thing B4 going to sleep.

    I like reading about the bare bunms or lost clothing stories..

    And as for raising 8 kids Mum, well what can I say we are all still alive arent we.. even though I would like to throttle a couple of them.. lol Lacy 🤣🤣

    1. Lacy Harvey9:39 PM

      lies Kelly lol 😂 you love me and I love your fridge lol 😂 jokes aside. . nah I love your fridge lol 😂 🤣

  18. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I enjoy reading your blog. Please don't give up writing it, if people don't like what they are reading then maybe they shouldn't read your blog. Your blog is you.

  19. Why not go to blogging every few days? You let it run your life a little because you blog morning, noon and night. It must be a real chore for you to come up with stuff! I only blog every few days or once a week or so - just enough to keep in touch with my blogger friends and also to share my thoughts. Up to you what you decide - you don't need to blog as often now that your life is so much more busy.

    About the elderly, I totally understand why they are in a state of undress and to be honest it would make me laugh a little (privately) but I'd also have total respect for the life that has preceded their need to be in care. I'm sure that is the attitude you also have and I think you've been taken out of context regarding this.

  20. So there are a handful of people who like to see things that aren't there. If you have read Chris' blog as long as most of us (like forever) then you will know her sense of humour and her complete passion for everything thing she does and her ability to see humour in every day occurrences. Also she would NEVER be disrespectful to anyone she would come across in her work situation. As a retired nurse and someone with a family member in an aged care facility with dementia I am the first to say that if you can't see the humour in these situations you will burn out very quickly. Seeing the funny side of things is NOT disrespectful. Having the temerity to anonymously criticise someone like Chris on her own blog, however, is. And also cowardly.
    So, for the sake of the vast majority who love Chris and her wonderful insight to life and her entertaining descriptions of what she considers a boring life (but we don't) can you please STFU and go away. If you don't like what she has to say don't read her blog. Simples.

    And don't tell her how to handle her family situations. I'm sure she has that under control and if she doesn't? Not our business - unless she asks for advice which I'm pretty certain she hasn't done.

    Come back Chris.

  21. You cant stop your daily blog.Some of us look forward tosee what your doing, I certainly do.For those who take offence, too bad,get over it,as for the teenager,hes a pain can be lovable,untidy,stroppy, most teenagers are,but eventualy grow up.Remember,we were all teenagers once regardless of our age please just think back,I could give a list a mile long some of the stupid things I keep on blogging please.THE OLD MOO..

    1. Such lovely support from the old moo xxxx

    2. Lacy Harvey9:42 PM

      and it probable took the 'old Moo' about half an hour to write that reply let's not forget figuring out how to work the phone and the Internet and even sort out how to do a reply lol 😂 so really can't stop now or I think she may just hit you lol 😂 hehe just remember all 🤣😂 you have to love me 😘

  22. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Love your blog and feel there has been no disrespect at all. I enjoy checking in to see how your day has been, bare bums and all.


  23. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Hi Chris, Not sure how I found your blog, but am so glad I did! I went back to the beginning and read through all the entries. Your writing style is unconventional but so effective - I feel like I know you, Stew, and all your kids and grand-kids. Take a break if you need to, but please, pop in from time to time and let us know how you and your family are doing. Your blog is not boring! It is so generous of you to share your life with us all. A Canadian fan.

    1. Anonymous9:59 PM

      I totally agree, I feel as though I know Chris and Co, please don't go x Sharnee, Melb Aus.

  24. I love your blog love seeing what you and your family get up too. Thise grandees of yours are growing up fast.
    I like hearing about your job at the rest home cant understand how bare bums are upsetting to others they are not the ones seeing bums. I have thought you are doing to much working so many shifts at the rest home and then house cleaning too. You still have 2 children at home and of course the bulk of shopping and cleaning falls on you.keep up the good work.

  25. I mwill miss your daily posts Chris if you take a break. Even if you are just working and at home your posts make me laugh. As for being disrespectful where the hell did she she get that impression. Your tales of the resthome are so real and where we all may be one day ourselves. Take care and don't let the 'anonymous' posters get to you.

  26. Take a break but please don’t stop.

  27. Love your blog too Chris. Bare bums are now part of your life, none of us are forced to read to your blog so if some find it disrespectful surely they can find somewhere else to get their blog fix!


  28. Farkkkkkk some people, really !!
    Your blog is part of you...and part of me....I love reading it....
    You do what you need too.....I'll be here waiting.
    Hugs from me

  29. Yours is the only blog I read and I read it everyday because I relate to it and your family life. Your sense of humour also makes me smile. Do what you need to do for you Chris but not for anyone who doesn’t enjoy what they read.

  30. See the love there for you Chris xxxx

  31. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I hate to hear you are not going to blog for a while, I understand, but will miss your blogging, some days your writing is the only normal thing I can look at and see the world is really normal. (very sick husband keeps me busy but I'm good - no worries)

    Anyhoo - take a break Chris, you are running at top speed right now with all of your jobs, sewing etc...

    Take Care,

    Ky Girl

  32. Will definitely miss my daily fix of "Diet Coke Rocks" ... and would love you to reconsider your decision, but your decision has to be what works for you and what makes you happy. It must be hard at times finding things to post when doing daily posts. I think you've been amazing doing it for so long - true dedication!

  33. Thanks for the blog Chris - I look forward to it every day. I hope you don't stay away too long. Hugs x
    Deb Qld Aus

  34. Hey you! I will miss the daily peek into your NOT BORING life and wonderful (albeit crazy!) family :) I am sorry you feel pressure about blogging and what to blog about. You can blog about whatever you want! People are free to read or skip it. It is not for someone else to decide what you want to think or talk or write about - geez! I am sorry you had to put up with that. But I also understand the need for a you do whats best for you.

  35. Someone else mentioned this too. If you are feeling burnt out, maybe try only posting once a day, or M-F once a day.

    (I think it might be the multiple times a day that is getting to you, if you feel pressure.)

    We all like to read obviously. And probably we all check in several times a day, I know I do.

    I do not think the comment was negative. She was just saying what she thought from her background. But for your own protection, I am not sure you should write about work. I do not think anyone should, really. Even with no names.

  36. Take care come back soon.

  37. Please don't gooooo! I don't know why, but reading your blog is kind of addictive. I also check it multiple times a day. It's just kind of sweet the way you update everyday even if nothing much is going on. It's a little quiet time for me to sit down amd "see what Diet Coke is up to".

    I know people said those bare bums are somebody's mother and father. But they are also our future selves and it's cute and eye opening! Something to be aware of. We all need to glean what little bit of fun from life that we can. Your blog is fun, it's sweet, it's real. It is NOT mean or disrespectful.

  38. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Love your blog and read it almost every day! The days I skip due are due to work travel or whatever but I always come back and binge read. Been doing this for YEARS so obviously I'm a complete stranger that really cares about you and your family. My favorite posts are actually about New Zealand - all the beautiful places you walk and have visited. I probably will never get to visit but would you be interested in writing more about your country? Also, the history of your family is also super interesting. Did your parents and grandparents always live there? Did Stu's family originate there? Would you ever travel to the US? If you do, come to California! XO ~Nicole in CA

  39. I love catching up with you on your blog. I work full time so I know how hard it is to keep it up daily let alone several times a day.


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