Sunday, July 21, 2019


I forgot to say yesterday... we ordered the bed we want for the spare bedroom.
It is going to take several weeks, if not up to two months to arrive... which makes me happy cos by then I'll actually have saved up enough to pay for it!  lol

And I hope to have the bedroom ready by then too.  

Today I'm going to make a start on the room by getting that pink border off.  It might take a while cos it's a paper border, glued on.  And those flowers too ... those things are coming off.

It's only taken me 3+ years to get around to it. Yep, pretty slack eh?  But it wasn't really a priority.  Now that the room is empty though, it's the perfect time to do it.

ABOVE:  The shelves are coming off the wall, so is the panel heater.  The black shelving unit is going back in the garage, and the blue bucket full of shit is from the computer desk that I sold for the princely sum of $1.

I shall have to sort all that out and put it somewhere else.

QUESTION:  Should I paint the room the same, original colour?  Or something a bit more colourful?  It's on the south side of the house, so doesn't get any direct sunlight at all, and it's a cool room.

Now is the time to give that some thought!

So, that's me for now... I will come back later with a progress photo or three.  *smiles*


Busy....busy...busy.... got all the border at Mitre 10 getting polyfilla, sandpaper, paint brushes and rollers.

Had a look at paint colours. Will ponder that while waiting for the filler to dry.

Not that I've actually put it on yet. The room is a real mess right now, that's for sure.

My lower back is so painful today I've had to take some Tramadol... which is helping thank god. I could hardly move this morning.  So annoying when my 'to do' list is so long.

ABOVE:  Getting the border off left a right mess.  It took off lots of the paintwork as well... and the light blue line is just painted on.  So I have to paint over that.

The entire room needs to have little and big holes fixed, then sanded back. 

I'm going to use a paint called Valspar, it's an 'all in one' paint.  Primer/Undercoat and topcoat.  That will cut down the number of times I have to paint the walls.  Which will probably be twice.

AS for colour, I'm leaning towards one of these:

Nah, I want to keep it very neutral, and put colour in the room via accessories.  These colours are from the brown shades, but the lightest tones... warm.
The existing paint has an almost yellow tone.

The room only has a white roller blind at the window, so I might make some curtains at some point too.  Something cheerful to lift the room.

And now... I'm going to CHILL OUT, RELAX and give my legs and back a break.

***  OMG that Tramadol has worked a treat!  I feel WONDERFUL, so relaxed and pain free ***

It's now 9 pm and I'm probably going to hit the sack soon... I am struggling to stay awake.
So... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like your new project in your spare room is going to keep you occupied over coming days. Personally I would probably keep the same neutral colour, but use decorations or the bed coverings to bring extra colour into the room - that way it will be a lot easier (and cheaper) if you decide in the future that you want to change things colour-wise in the future.

  2. Paint it a soft teal colour

  3. Awesome to hear you found the bed you wanted for the spare room...I loved it in the white.

  4. Why not paint it another colour :) Keep it a warm colour though, not blue (very soft teal sounds nice but remember colour reflects so always go much lighter).

  5. I would paint the room a warm sunny colour (not necessarily yellow) but make sure it's adaptable cos we know how much you love changing things around and one day this room might be used for something completely different!!
    P.S - so happy you're back :)

  6. No mess picture? I already know that am not one to make paint decisions. I am clueless. So I offer zero suggestions! Can't wait to see what you choose tho!

  7. Oh Ya! It gets worse before it gets better! I like the new shades, they are quite neutral, but you likely won't get sick of it and change it anytime soon. Curtains seem like a no-brainer! And another fun project for you to work on!

  8. I love those colours you are thinking of using - great idea to move away from the yellow tone too. I always use a paint where I can avoid undercoats etc!

  9. Whats wrong with the panel heater,you will need it in winter.I like the idea of teal but the lighter of the two colours would be better that you have shown would make the room look bigger.Love the white bed youve chosen.THE OLD MOO.

    1. We do not use heaters in the bedrooms at all. If you are cold in your bedroom, get into bed! Also, they suck up the power and last time we turned one of them on it cracked right down the middle! They also stop you placing furniture where you might want to. I am leaning towards the lighter of the two colours too.

  10. Love the new room look and envy your energy atm as well.
    Good on you. My pick (but only my idea is the summer sparrow on the right ) but often a visual idea that you get is better than one that has been photographed .

    Will have to keep checking in next week as bit by bit it all grows!!

    agree about the heater . Bed is warm and cosy/cuddly .(smiles)

    Love the idea of the undercoat included .. Must write that one down and I see Lynda uses it too Less work for My DH in future !!

    Rest up after dinner wont you??


  11. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I love secret letter best.

  12. Your day off and you're working your ass off lol


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