Monday, July 01, 2019


The day is mine... to do whatever I want.
So I'm going into Hamilton.

I need some light teal thread for the cot quilt I'm working on... I will need at least three reels all the same, it would utterly piss me off to run out 3/4's of the way through and not be able to get more of the same.  So start out on the right foot and all that eh?

While in Hamilton I will be doing a couple of other little things not really worth mentioning here, just jobs that need doing.

I will try and catch up with a daughter or 3 too.  I've sent out a text to them, let's see who would like to meet up for morning tea or lunch.

Now I know I said I wasn't going to give you a 'sneak peek' at the baby cot quilt... but oh well... I'm going to, cos I like to share :

ABOVE:  It's going to be so bright and cheerful!  I'm so looking forward to working on it more.  
I need this sorta stuff to work on... so Thank You Heather!
It's going to be adorable.  

Now though, I'm gunna roll over and read the news, eat me porridge and think about getting up soon.  But not too soon.  *smiles*


Standing outside the mall... alarms going off..  fire engines arriving.... some twat probably  smoking in a toilet. 

Back inside now... no idea what was wrong.  
Brylee just turned up... so doing some yakking with the girls then going home.

ABOVE:  Well I managed to get all three daughters to meet me for lunch today.  And Rena came too, she had a cold so was off school.
This was taken about 10 minuted before the fire alarms went off.  

ABOVE:  Everyone had to evacuate the building.
Luckily it was most likely a false alarm.
We only had to stand around outside for 15-20 minutes.

 ABOVE:  One VERY empty mall!   It's like a well oiled machine, everyone left in an orderly manner, no panic etc.

 ABOVE: We were some of the first to get back into the food court, hence lots of empty chairs.

ABOVE:  A few happy snaps of us girls.... and Rena getting her hair cut.

I got some of my errands done... some will have to wait.  I got the most important ones sorted, so that's the main thing.

***  dammit it, just realised I have to cook dinner, Stew is at work  ***

10.55 pm:  I cooked some marinated lamb steaks and my favourite mixed vege mix for dinner, and now it's time to head off to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Lacy Harvey1:07 PM

    we all had to go outside 😕 and do you think we got to see any men in uniforms....😕 lol 😂

    1. Lol we seen heaps of men in uniforms just not the uniform you wanted to see lll..

    2. Lacy Harvey3:21 PM

      I am not happy with your response, you are a twat 😂🤣

  2. Love the colours on that quilt :-)

  3. What a neat family gtg and having catchups with Brylee and Rena as well so thats a bonus

    ..Loved to see her wrapped up warm in that neat puffer jacket. They are light but snuggly warm

    You girls are all so alike the 5 of you ,and Rena has those beautiful eyes as well ..

    Actually looked like it may have been a cool Waikato day cos all in Jackets except you Chris ..

    Good everyone left in an orderly way when alarm went off .

    We were in Rotorua one night in August ages ago,, at one of the nice hotels there for an anniversary Dinner,, and the alarm went off .

    We were half an hr outside (snow in the distance) and by the time it was cleared we were over food so the guys just paid and we all left, so missed desert!! (dash!!)

    Love the theme of the quilt will be much appreciated ..

  4. Beautiful photos of you and the girls

  5. Know how you feel after a busy day ,,

    We had leftover chicken from a rotisserie one,,, cut that all up, added a chicken tonight jar of butter chicken,(I cheat yeah) in the Temuka casserole,,,in micro ,, then steamed veg,,, and steamed rice in Microwave as well and a nice meal in under 10 mins ..

    Just a thought for busy Mums..

  6. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Hi Kelly is so much like you...lovely pics


  7. Great to have lunch with all the girls!


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