Monday, July 15, 2019


Today I WILL be finishing the Baby Boy Quilt.

It's been a real mission getting it done I can tell you!

The lady who asked me to make it gave me a panel of fabric she wanted incorporated into the quilt...

ABOVE:  It had all these little squares and I was like... shit!  Shit! SHIT!
I really dislike orange and yellow!  But the saving grace was they were 'nautical' themed.

But.. for ages I really couldn't think what to do with them.

Then I found a panel that WORKED with them... and from that moment on I never looked back.

And now?

I'm UTTERLY THRILLED with the quilt. I am super proud of it.

So, later on today I will show you exactly how it's come out.  Really looking forward to that.

But for now.... OMG I am so tired, I'm gunna sleep in for a bit longer.  



ABOVE:  Heather I hope you like it.  

And now I will make a little pillowslip to match and send it off to Australia.

ABOVE:  Little pillow slip is done.  Time to have some lunch now... it's 1.10 pm.

ABOVE:  My lunch spot today.  I didn't get outta the car today... cos well... I wasn't dressed properly!
Still in me trackies, a daggy top and yeah... NO BRA!  

I'm really being a slob today.  lol
Doesn't happen often that's for sure.

Dinner tonight was Pizza as the only meat in the freezer was chicken, pork, or chicken.  Lots of chicken!

So... we decided to get pizza, and for a change we decided to try Pizza Hutt instead of our usual Dominos.

It has been many, many years since we had Pizza Hutt pizzas.

And tonight will be THE LAST time we have Pizza Hutt pizzas.  

They were DREADFUL.  Piss poor bases, and a really miserable amount of topping on them.  And actually tasteless.

Very disappointed.  Lesson learnt.

If you enjoy them... each to their own opinion.

Signing off now... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hi Chris - I hope you have a nice relaxing day today. Deb - Qld

  2. The clours sure are a tad different to what you usually work with but the theme is awesome.

    I am sure ut will be fab and will look in later to see the finished product ..

    love the wee zz so tired one,, Its so like I feel this morning too!!


  3. That looks amazing 😍

  4. Quilt lovely,cold here 2 deg here at 5 am THE OLD MOO.

  5. That quilt is a real work of art, it is beautiful!! We have a little (10 months old) grandson named Finn (for Finnegan) and he has a twin sister and an older brother...Finn is such a cute name!

  6. Oh i love no bra days

  7. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Quilt looks fantastic! Well done!

  8. Love the quilt, I am sure Finn's family will be delighted :-).

    Nice lunch spot, always good to get out of the house (even if you aren't all gussied up).

  9. Love the quilt. The bright bits and the blues work perfectly together.

  10. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Chris, I am so in blow away with Finn's quilt, it is absolutely fantastic, I thought that you would just sew around the boxes and add a border, just goes to show I have no imagination.
    What you created is just so special.
    Adam and Stephanie will love it as much a we do, and Finn will have an amazing keepsake from his childhood that will last him a lifetime.
    Thank You so much for you imagination/design and talent in making the quilt.
    To all the Nana's out there, get one for your grandchildren, our other Grandchild, Chloe love her quilt and uses it for a play mat every day, all our grandchildren in the future will have one of Chris's personalised quilts as their keepsake - if she can keep up with the orders!!!
    Thank You so much for sharing your talent. LOVE LOVE it!!!! :) <3 Kindest, Heather

  11. Heather said it all .. Its a work of art and beautiful .. Well done you..


  12. Well done Chris it is fantastic and what a wonderful appreciation from Heather. You have done superbly.

  13. Beautiful quilt. What a keepsake that will be for Finn.

  14. The quilt is beautiful!


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