Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Often we freeze milk... to save having to go to the dairy or supermarket to get more every few days.

So the other day, I had to get a bottle out of the freezer cos we ran out.

I put it in the sink, full of cold water to defrost.

ABOVE:  And yeah... that's what it looked like once defrosted.

NOT desirable.  It had separated.  So we checked the time stamp.  October 2018, so it was over 9 months old.  Clearly ya can't keep it in the freezer that long eh?

I 'googled' milk in freezer, and found out that 3-6 months is the limit on keeping it frozen.

Great. Lesson learnt.  Now we need to go and check the other couple of bottles in the freezer, to make sure they ain't 'expired'.

There, wasn't that good to know?  I am good at sharing shit eh?  lol

Today I have a private house clean this morning, then an afternoon shift at the Rest Home.  So not a too arduous day I hope.


1 pm:  home from my morning job... louver doors again... and a general clean.  Enjoyed yakking with the home owner too... she was a bit down so hopefully I cheered her up a bit.

Anyway, home, got some lunch on, swept and mopped the kitchen and front door area, and now sitting watching Home and Away, eating lunch.

Some days it's just 'Go go go'.

ABOVE:  'bear with'... it's an experiment. *smiles*

Got home at 5.45 and WOW!!! The chairs were pushed in and the bins were put back where they belong.  And the empty weetbix box was out in the rubbish too!  Wonders will never cease... well as Brylee reads the blog, I'm not surprised it was done actually!

Big hint?  Yeah.

I've got a mince and vege stew cooking, and the family can have it with hash browns.
I'm going out to Card Night with a few girlfriends.  

Teenager is nowhere to be seen, went out this afternoon to see the girlfriend.  Wonder if he will turn up for dinner?  Just never know with him anymore.

Only thing I can be sure of is he turns up to sleep here MOST nights.

Right, I better go and stir the dinner, and then get changed.  I'm still in me work clothes.

Cards tonight was nice... a few laughs and lots of nibbles.  

Home now and I'm freezing!  It's so cold outside.  
So thankful for electric blankets!

Time to sign off for the night.


  1. I frozen a bottle milk last time my parents visited cause dad uses blue milk and I use green...last week i run out of milk so grabbed his from the freezer it did the same as yours and no matterr how much i shook it never mixed never had that happen with green milk looked gross

  2. Interesting about the milk .Spose we have to rearrange things each time we shop,,, Old to the front and new to the back, Having said that busy Mums often unpack in a rush (dont we?) (smiles )

    Its amazing now you think you have had something maybe less than a year on a guarantee,, and when you get it out its say 3 years since you bought it!!! ..

    Enjoy your day!


  3. Can you just shake the milk to remix it? May not be nice to drink straight but for cooking, coffee etc it might be okay :-).

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I drink long life Skim milk so there is always some in the fridge.


  5. Is your experiment with teenagers and tidying? Good luck with that

  6. How long can a whole chicken be kept in the deep freeze.A large one I bought 4 yrs ago when the family were coming.It comes up to haunt me every timeI have a sort out and put something in to freeze.Advice please.THE OLD MOO.

  7. OLD MOO: According to GOOGLE, it can be kept in the freezer indefinitely and still be safe. But seriously, I'd throw it out!

  8. A real give away "deep freeze" loving it (smiles)

    Was the experiment with a girl or a guy??

    PS love the bar stools .

    Enjoy the card night!!


  9. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Oh Dear. I just read you were having mice & veggie stew for dinner LOL. Mince!!!! I think I need new glasses!

  10. My family would not get the hint, they are pigs.


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