Thursday, July 04, 2019


When you are living with some 'stress' ... after a while it kinda runs you down.
I'm feeling really flat today.

Like some bastard poked me with a needle and I just ... deflated!  lol

 ABOVE:  And I've had this picture in me 'downloads' for ages, just waiting for a good time to use it.

I think today will do.

The girls go to the groomer this morning, bright and early.
Then I will pop over to Leamington (other side of the bridge) to clean a house.

All going well with the timing, I shall be able to pick up the girls after that and come home again.

And sew.  So looking forward to sending that baby boy cot quilt off to it's new owner... who is happily soon to get a brand new grandson.  

I really miss having a teeny, tiny grandbaby to dote on.  *sad face*  13 is our number by the look of it.  UNLESS MIKE AND JOYCE pull their finger out one day!!!!   Not hinting at all... not at all!  lol

Right, I'm off to get me porridge, read the news, fluff around a bit...


I just remembered a funny story from work:

'Mr R' told me three days in a row about an item of clothing he was missing.

He couldn't describe it very well... it was 'a top', it had no sleeves, it was warm, and, after three days of trying to get the words out, he managed to let me know it was silver in colour.

So, Grey then.  A top with no sleeves.  So I deduced from that he was talking about a singlet, or vest/waistcoat?

+Me and 'S' in the laundry looked and looked... but nope, nothing like that in there at all.

Then 'S' played a hunch... and took this in to show him: 

AND would you believe it... that's what he was missing! 

A BLOODY SCARF!  All I could do was shake my head in disbelief.

12.20 pm:  Just home from work.  OMG it was pouring so hard when I left this morning, I got DRENCHED!!!
Now though... all dry again, and off to pick up the girls from the groomers, then pop into Hamilton for some blue rick rack or similar for the cot quilt.

2.50 pm: And so, I get into Hamilton and buy the rick rack, then head off to the Base for a wander.  Then just like that, I suddenly realise I have a shift at the Rest Home at 3 pm!!!

FUCK... it's already 2 pm.  So I rush back to me car, high tail it home in time to grab some food for lunch and now... I've gotta go!

Dumb brain really isn't working.

Well work went well... I finished with half an hour to spare! So I sat in the staff room and yakked with another woman, checked next week's roster, then signed off and came home.

With a thumping headache.  So we didn't cook dinner, we just had takeaways.

Stew and I are both struggling to sleep well at night... so are always tired.  Hopefully that won't last.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I think I HAZ THE DUMB today too. I was frazzled ofter a project and I went to make lunch. I got all the items out of the fridge and was going to cut them up, put in a bowl, and heat it in the microwave. But. I simply put an empty bowl in the microwave while all the food sat on the counter!

  2. I think we all have those kind of days, i hope your puncture is fixed soon 😊😊. Looking forward to seeing the baby quilt. Oh dear, poor man!! That warm top with no sleeves needs to have his name attached!! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Good on "S" it is so hard for them in the nursing home as their bodies and minds deteriorate.. I am a nurse and worked in aged care for over 25 years and the past few years in the hospital...I would tuck the residents into bed every night and tell then they were the best so they could go to sleep happy (plus doing millions of other stuff every day to ensure they were happy, just like I wanted my mother to be cared for with care and respect at all times when she was in care...I sat with her for over 6 hours a day for two years as she was so frail and there are just not enough staff to go around...I became the daughter for everyone, finding their missing washing, hearing aids, opening curtains etc etc and getting them extra treats etc...Working in aged care is a hard job and requires a lot of thinking outside the square, don't you think?


  4. Yep... I am loving it! The oldies are so cute on a whole! Even with bare bums, I just have to get used to it! lol AS for the scarf and thinking outside the square... glad S (with 15 years experience) was able to work it out. *smiles*

  5. This job is certainly giving you some great stories lol.

    Sio got drenched this morning on the way to work as well - mostly because some wanker deliberately drove through a puddle and drenched her while she was on the footpath - she rang me from work in tears. Luckily her bfs wrapped her in a towel & stuck her jeans in the dryer but she was mortified.

    1. Poor girl ...and what a bastard thing for that driver to do. Grrrrr.

    2. I believe the term she used was F*%#wit haha.

  6. Glad u rembered work this afternoon my flatmate and i had a giggle about your sleeveless warm grey top

  7. Glad you both were able to find his 'grey top' for him. Bless him, we may all be like that one day. Glad you remembered in time that you had a shift today!!

  8. I also don't sleep well - I can lie there for hours some nights. Sometimes I'm OK, it's not every night but too many for my liking.

  9. It is exhausting when someone in the house is making you stressed out.


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