Thursday, July 11, 2019


About three weeks ago I found a tiny, virtually dead plant on the bench in the utility room, at the rest home.

I gave it some water.

Every time I went in there I gave it some more.

And a couple of days ago I got rewarded with this:

I'm hoping I feel like that in a few weeks too. 

***I was given a 'pep talk' last night.***  

Thanks Steve.  

And thanks for all the lovely comments.

I am still going to pare down the blogging, and try to take the pressure off for a while.  Maybe just little posts like this for a week or two will help? 


  1. Yes Chris, even if you just pop in and say hello, me thinks you are working too much and too hard, take care x

  2. So glad you posted. It's my go to each day. 😍

  3. A lovely Maidenhair Fern. Have a good day.

  4. Thanks for the pep talk Steve, good to see you back Chris.
    Well done on getting the fern going again

  5. Give yourself the TLC you gave the plant and you'll feel like your bubbly self soon. xx

  6. Yay! A little post. I will take it. The plant seems happy. A little water can do wonders.

  7. Good old Steve :-). Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you are working a lot at the moment and you need time to relax and to do your sewing & other stuff. If you don't feel like blogging then don't worry if you miss a day or so - although I will miss the bum count lol.

  8. Good old steve lol and happy birthday keera the big 7 year old. I just made some slime for a bit of quiet lol

  9. that plant is a great indicator of what we all need as well . Good for you reviving that,, and gr8 one from Steve and Bex as well . Do as you can,, not as you feel you have to .
    Still a happy colourful pic and family life blog.


  10. You know you better than anyone. If you need a break, TAKE IT! I've often wondered how you have managed to blog everyday for so long, then I think I've been reading your posts everyday for almost as long! Hoping you get rested and rejuvenated and continue to blog as often as you like.
    Take care :)

  11. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Wow Chris thats a Maiden Hair Fern and very difficult to grow.

  12. Well done with the plant! ! A friends mother had Parkinsons and diabeties, and when she didnt take her medication correctly,which sadly was often, she used to take her clothes off too. She answered the door one morning, starkers with her handbag ready to go out. Seems to be part of getting old sadly.


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