Sunday, July 28, 2019


Counting today's, I have 11 shifts left to do at the Rest Home.  And only three of them are double shifts.  Yaaaa.

Let the countdown begin!

Seriously, my stress levels have dropped considerably since I decided to give up working at the rest home.  

I am going to be so much happier not working so much. I will even get to sew again!

And of course, my back won't be hurting me so much... after 11 more shifts.  *smiles*

Do I feel like a quitter?  Yes and No.  But at the end of the day, the job was killing my back/health.  I will miss the old folks very much of course, it's been so lovely being in their company.

More on next year's plans. We are going to sell our house here and move into a much smaller, cheaper home.  (most likely in Hamilton)
Thus clearing our mortgage and finally having some 'spare' cash to live a little.  

Life for the past 34 years we have been pretty much living pay check to pay check, saving and scrimping for anything 'extra' and spending all our time/money and energy in raising 8 kids, and helping out with things for them and our grandkids along the way too.

We have decided NOW is the time to start doing stuff for US.  Bearing in mind we do still have two teenagers to consider, but they will tag along with us, and become independent next year all going well. 

So.  BIG changes ahead.  But not so stressful this time, as we can find a new home at our leisure, and not be in any rush, as we have been in the past.

ABOVE:  This is Max, my sister-in-law's dog.  Our girls surprised us by not being phased by him being here AT ALL! They didn't even growl at him.  They liked him, the hussy's.  

But ... the girls DID growl at my Sister In Law, Khady !
Just a bit funny.

Moving on... I'm at work all day ... so don't be expecting much more outta me till much later.

I'd love to hear your opinions on our plans... Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?  Any suggestions?  bla bla bla.


Work today was HECTIC.  So much to do, and not really enough time to do it all.
But I did my best.

Exhausted now... and my back is very sore.  I took a Tramadol before my second shift and it really hasn't helped much.

Might be getting a hottie bottle on it soon.

TWO SHIFTS DOWN ... NINE TO GO.  Tomorrow is MINE, 'no work day'.

Now though... it's almost dinner time, I have no idea what we are having... Stewy is doing it.
My feet are up, and I'm done for the day.
Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Go for it! You and Stew deserve to be finally by yourselves and enjoying life. I wouldn't even be taking the teenagers. They are both over 18, time for them to leave the nest!

  2. Absolutely the right decision, you were hearing for a major back
    Problem, you need to look after your back, i was hoping you would cut back your work hours, what you do is so physical and tiring,

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Great idea. You have done so much for your family. Now is the time to plan for your future.

  4. Good on you, I wish I could do the same
    We are down to one teen at home.
    Plan was to buy a motor home but hubby has end stage COPD so that has put a dampener on things.
    Oh well we enjoy everyday that we are given

  5. Definitely a good decision. Life is short, you've done a good job with your kids/grandkids and now it's time to shed some responsibilities and enjoy yourselves. Travel, do what you want, live for each day.

  6. That's a great decision. You don't need a big home - these days it's all about downsizing and minimalist living. We only have three bedrooms and it's always been enough for us even when my daughter lived here with Fletcher. Have fun looking.

  7. I think quitting the rest home is a no-brainer. You don't need to feel stressed and sore all the time. I KNOW you LOVE Cambridge. Maybe find a smaller place in Cambridge? You have been so happy there. And with grown kids - maybe take a minute to figure out how many bedrooms you will need. Of course - you could always make them into sewing/guest rooms as the younguns move on.

  8. We downsized when we still had two of our sons living with us. The eldest was gently shoved out the door and told to find someone to flat with. Which he happily did. The middle son was already living with his girlfriend and the youngest moved with us. When middle son (having had a change of girlfried by then) wanted to move back home to save money to travel overseas I told youngest that we couldn't manage with both of them living with us so he took over middle son's lease. I don't think he was terribly thrilled with the idea and felt a bit tossed aside but he was 24 and it was time. Sometimes you have to gently push them out of the nest - especially if they are working.
    Downsizing also meant we were mortgage free and it was the best feeling in the world. Husband worked for a few more years before retiring but it was so liberating not facing retirement and a mortgage. I have friends who have been forced to sell and move waaaaaaaaaay into the country just so they could get rid of their mortgage and still have some money to live off in retirement.
    Sorry about the ramble but I am so excited for you. It's finally looking like you and Stew will get your time.

  9. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Great idea. Actually I’m surprised the nursing home wants you to do the last lot of shifts, given that you have told them it’s giving you back pain. Downsizing also a great idea. We became mortgage free three years ago, I highly recommend it 😜 Kristin

  10. The best idea! Kids have to stand on their own two feet eventually. My parents had to tell my middle brother it was time to go when he showed zero respect for them, their house or their rules. He was 17 and went into a share house with mates. My youngest brother stayed at home until he was 26, paid board willingly, cooked, cleaned with mum, was as quiet as a mouse. She was sad when he went!

  11. MrsFwith42:54 PM

    OH yes! Take today as given and grab tomorrow by the b@lls, and run with it. It's YOUR time now!

  12. Sometimes I think about leaving by myself and letting everyone else figure it out lol.


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