Thursday, July 25, 2019


Well... today I have a double shift at the rest home.
Normally it would only be a morning shift, but I've agreed to cover the afternoon shift for someone else.

Man I seem to get a lot of relief work!  One day I hope someone can cover me when I need it.

So, I will be out for most of the day, except a break at 1.30 pm for lunch.

Stew is away for the next couple of days up in Auckland, so tonight's dinner will be something easy I think.

Probably a SBD.   (Silly Bugger Dinner)

It's been a blessing not being able to get back to the spare bedroom redecoration really, it's giving the poly filla plenty of time to set thoroughly.

I've taken everything out of the room now, in readiness for sanding.  Man it's gunna make a massive mess!  I will be wearing a face mask, and goggles too.  lol

I'm really excited to get that done, then I can do the prep painting... all the edges, around light/power switches etc.  I'm thinking that will be next Monday, my next day 'off' work.

And of course, at some point I really need to spend some time sewing!  OMG it's just not getting done at all right now.  Dammit.

OK... time to get moving...


8.22 pm:  Well... it's been a long day.
I woke at 5.30 am when Stew got up and that was it for sleep.
I did my first rest home shift, the ducked into town and paid a bill, sorted out another one and filled me car with petrol.. the tank was empty.

So not long to grab lunch, I had some left overs from last night's dinner.

Back to work for my afternoon shift, with pain killers on board.  My lower back is killing me right now.  Well actually ... it's sore most days really.

I got home to two teenagers doing NOTHING ... and a pile of washing ready to be put away.  Can they see it though? 
Hell NO.  Teenagers had no fucking idea what it takes to keep a house running properly.

So, I cooked the dinner and fed the dogs.  Now I'm gunna do nothing else cos I'm damn tired and grumpy.

Stew rang, he's fine up in Auckland.  Meetings all day today and tomorrow.  Meals supplied, hotel living... nice.  

As I said, I'm tired and grumpy, so am going now.  Catch you tomorrow.


  1. A word of warning - put cloths down before you sand to collect the plaster! If you try to vacuum it all up it stuff up your vacuum cleaner... happened to me. The room will look so good painted! Enjoy your SBD, I love silly bugger dinners :)

  2. If you have cold air returns, heat ducts, air vents, anything like that seal them very thoroughly with plastic and tape. Probably ditto with light fixtures.

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Youve done this so often Chris, you're the expert. I used to like wallpapering less mess but dont need to when im renting.

  4. Hope your back is better soon.


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