Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Well... I won't be going to work today.

I've woken with a dreadful headache... bordering on a migraine.

So .. I'm going to take a few pills and stay in bed for a while and hopefully later on I will feel better?

I'm sure it's down to just being over tired ... I do not sleep well at night, so it does compound over time I'm sure.

Catch you later.

1.45 pm:  Feeling much better!  
A little while ago I asked Lacy to come out and help me move a few things around.

I was ITCHING to move shit!!!  I decided to get rid of a few furniture items and condense back into just having ONE sewing room.

I felt guilty about having two!

ABOVE:  these two are going.  I put them on our local 24 hour $1 Auction site.  They should be gone in the next day or two.

 ABOVE:  These two! Working together.  

ABOVE:  Yep, she got to drive me car down town for some sandwiches for our lunch.

Now, I'm watching some TV... then I've got a heap of stuff to sort out in several rooms. 

Well... I pottered around all afternoon, moving all my sewing stuff back into the front 'bedroom' again.  I took all my fabric and squished it all onto one set of shelves, so that it's not so crammed in there.

Tomorrow I will be doing more, but not till the afternoon, after work at the rest home.

For now though, I'm freakin' tired again... and am going to relax and watch some stupid TV.



  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well today. I hope you feel better as the day progresses.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Chris! Lots going on for you, take care xx

  3. Wise move to stay in bed and not go to work. I think last week might have been a bit much for you. Lesson learned?

  4. I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Try this stuff for sleeping
    It actually is amazing, I was given a bottle just after Gary died & have just replaced it a couple of weeks ago. Mum also uses it (I got her some for Christmas) and she isn't usually into this sort of thing. Heaps of my friends use & swear by it (it is made by one of our friends).

  5. Lacy Harvey1:55 PM

    yea I got to drive Dory... but only because looks what's in Wippit's boot unsecured and not whether proofed, so yea 😊 and thanks again Ma for that Seat xx

  6. Oh~ The cute little blue car. Haven't seen that in a while! Someone will be very lucky to snag those items. Love the desk!

  7. Good on your team(smiles) Love their energy ,, helping you to move items seeing you are unwell. Those 2 items wont last long and I looked up that mist spray that Tracy mentioned and NZ suppliers so going to try it out when home on holidays soon.

    Love the wee blue car too . Good you got to drive It Lacy..

    Enjoy whats left of the day there !!


    1. The shop is in Devonport but she ships NZ wide too. Her candles are also fabulous (I have waaaay too many of them).

  8. Glad your feeling better.Lacy your a good kind hearted girl to help Mum, I know shes a right pain shifting the furniture around.I used to also, so you cant blame her.Like the look of the cane thing shes getting rid of.wonder shes putting the stuff she had on it.THE OLD MOO.

  9. loving the baby boy quilt from yesterdays post!!! What a great job you have done!!!! Christy xxx

  10. Hope you are feeling better today!

  11. Love the quilt Chris, spurs me on to continue sewing :-)

  12. I could so use a sewing room, instead I have part of my room, part of the living room, part of the kitchen lol


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