Tuesday, July 23, 2019


This morning I have a private house clean... which will take me up to lunchtime.

Then ... home for lunch then this:

ABOVE:  The nightmare ahead of me!  Sanding all that lot off.  Actually, today I won't be sanding, I will be putting some more on in the deep spots... then it will probably take 3-4 days to dry completely.

So while I'm waiting for it to dry, I will probably lay out some table runners.  That should be fun.  

I will try and get two of the 'Holiday Time' and 'Wonky House' ones laid out.  My next market is on the 11th of August, so I have plenty of time to get them done.  (I hope!)


2.02 pm:  Today's house clean took a bit longer than expected... 3.5 hours in fact.
So, I'm a bit tired... and going to do nothing for a little while.  *smiles*

Lacy popped in just now, super happy with her morning.  She went over to Tauranga to rectify one of her stupid mistakes in life...

ABOVE:  Lesson learnt I hope.  Don't EVER get a boyfriend's initials tattooed onto your body, not even your bloody finger.  You will most likely live to regret it.

ABOVE:  A much happier Lacy... with a sore finger for now.  Seems it hurts much more to get a cover up than the original tattoo.

She is VERY happy with the result, so that's good.

Now... back to doing nothing. Well actually... lol, I might make myself some lunch.

The nothingness continued till I  had to cook dinner!  So, a lazy afternoon. 

The bedroom and sewing will have to wait now until I can spare an hour to two over the next 5 days.  I've got other stuff on... mostly work.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good that you are having a break from work this afty , Hope you can relax and take it easy but sometimes its easy to say and so hard to do (smiles)
    Will be nice to get the new look room done so will check in each day but think it will be a few days cos as we know the PREP work is the hardest part and time consuming ..


  2. Lacy Harvey3:00 PM

    it's not sore anymore lol just while getting the original bit covered, the rest I could handle 😊😂 coz I'm tough 😂 now to let it heal 😊
    But I am so very happy with it and my tattoo friend Kev in Tga

  3. Oh ya, names should only be for your kids, or deceased relatives.. something that can NEVER change. The cover up looks pretty good though!

  4. Lacy love the ring you have on your finger ,showing in the pic .

    Now the hands are More mature here (smiles ) always admire rings on younger hands

    But Having said that still wear and treasure the ones My DH has bought me and same with your Mums ones ..

  5. The cover up is very pretty!


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