Saturday, July 20, 2019


For the first time in ages, all four of us have the day off.

So we are going to Hamilton as a family... to shop.
Griffin and Stew need new shoes, and Brylee and I ... well we can shop for nothing pretty much!

Though I am going to Harvey Norman's to see if they have that bed I'd like ... I want to actually SEE it before I decide if it's the right one for our spare bedroom or not. 

If it is, I might order one, to pick up in a month or so.  Which will give me a month or so to get the spare bedroom ready.  *smiles*

I love having something to do within the house, it's fun.

I also have to get a move on and make more 'Wonky House' and 'Holiday Time' Runners.
I'm totally looking forward to doing them.

And that is me for now... I'll be back after lunch probably... once we get back from Hamilton.
It will be so nice to go out as a family ... it's been so long since we did that.


ABOVE: Nearly 9 am.... still in bed! Its COLD...looks like it will be a lovely day though.

5.45 pm:  And what a day.  We shopped till we dropped!
Griffin got his shoes and some new clothes, Brylee got shoes and nail stuff, I got some new winter tops and Stew?

Looked EVERYWHERE for new work shoes and found nothing.  Well ... nothing that was in the budget that is.  He will just have to keep looking, or wait a bit longer and spend almost $200!  Can't believe everything is so expensive.

Clothes were awesome today... winter sales everywhere.  I had no intention of buying anything, but when you can pick up a lovely warm top for $30, reduced down from $90... well you would be crazy not to buy it.

By the time we got home we were all buggered!  Hours wandering around the shops/malls/in town... it was neat but tiring.

And I was looking forward to an easy, feet up sorta day really.  Ha ha, that will have to be tomorrow.

And.. maybe not.  I've decided to make a start on re-decorating the spare bedroom tomorrow.
No rest for the wicked.... fuck I must be super wicked lately!


  1. Enjoy your family outing!

  2. What a great day you 4 will have .. good on you guys its nice to do those sorta things together with everyone having a shop for what they need. No doubt you will have lunch somewhere nice as well?

    Hey the view from your bedroom window is pretty Nice Chris , Lovely to wake up and see a nice garden !!

    Lovely day here so hope to go have Fish n chips overlooking the water for a nice change


  3. PS . Forgot to say got a bottle of Fanta each as well, and reminisced about where we used to buy it as kids (smiles)

    Hope you ones also had a fab day

  4. Sounds like u had a great day xx

  5. I hate shopping like that but I'm glad you had fun lol


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