Saturday, July 06, 2019


Yaaa... it's the weekend!

And, no sleep in.

Stew and I are heading into Hamilton to do a quick grocery grab before Steve, Bex and kids arrive.

It is Keera's 7th birthday next week, so we are having a little birthday lunch here for her tomorrow.

I had a wander in my back garden yesterday, god knows why cos it was FREEZING cold!

But I'm glad I did because I might have missed this:

 ABOVE:  My very first thistle!  I grew it from a seed from my neighbour's garden .  I am hoping there's a few more coming up too.
This one is just beginning, eventually it will be purple.  So exciting!  

Yes I know it's just a thistle plant... but it's my thistle plant.  lol

 ABOVE:  When we moved here 3 years ago this Kowhai Tree was TINY... you couldn't even see it among the grasses.  Now it's finally grown up above the grasses.
I can't wait until it has it's yellow flowers.

 ABOVE:  Love my rock.

ABOVE:  I've only put chlorine in our pool once in the past 4 months!  And the water is still crystal clear.  I believe that's due to keeping the cover on it.  I'm really happy with that.

I will run the filter for a while this weekend though, just to keep on top of it.

Now... I better get up and get things sorted.  Gotta get beds made for the kids, wrap a present or two and get the washing on.


Well ... grocery shopping got done this morning. BIG TICK.

Home.  Family arrived and we have been spending time with them ever since.

We gave Keera her birthday presents:

ABOVE:  Barbie stuff.  And a hug from big brother Griffin.

A dear friend of mine gave us a Barbie Doll House for Keera as well... it's been well loved by her granddaughters, but they no longer used it...

ABOVE:  Keera LOVES IT!  I doubt the family are going to see much of her over the school holidays now!  She will be playing with her Barbies.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I've taken 'a few' more photos, but will share them tomorrow.

Cute Story:   On the way down from Auckland, Steve asked the kids who was going to get the first kiss and cuddle when they got to Grandma and Granddad's?

Dante said Grandma.  Keera said Granddad. Archer?  He said Coco the dog!

He loves Coco so much, he'd nick her and take her home in the blink of an eye.

Winding down here now... the kids are fed and into their pj's ready for bed.
I think they will be heading off to bed once my ears have had enough.  Which might be soon.

Time to sign off... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. So - a thistle is a GOOD thing?

  2. Keep posting pictures as it gets flowers!

  3. Every different plant in your garden I can relate to and love the way everything thrives away together but all neat and tidy overall.
    Have a fab time with the family. Late reading this today so you all are probably in afternoon Tea mode by now )smiles)

  4. adorable pix!! Happy birthday!!!! Christy xxxx

  5. fab pics at the end of the day love them all...

    and the one with Griffin and Keera Priceless


  6. The only thistle people like around here are artichokes lol. Keera is getting so big! 7 already!

  7. Bex and Steve and the children, such a beautiful loving family x


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