Friday, July 26, 2019


This morning I am going to make a start on that sanding in the spare bedroom!

I'm feeling super excited about it really... and yes, I will be laying down sheets on the floor to save on the vacuming.   

I know it's going to make a Hooahh of a mess!  But, once it's all sanded, I can just clean up the mess... simple really.

Then the best part will happen... painting.  I do love painting.  And I have an idea for a 'feature'  wall too... but that's gunna stay secret till the big 'reveal'.  *smiles*

I have an afternoon shift at the rest home today... just a short shift so I shouldn't be too tired afterwards.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook... made me laugh. So appropriate for rest homes!
Yesterday I was there for over 6 hours and NOT ONE BUM!

I wonder if I'll be so lucky today?

Stewy gets home at dinnertime, so that will be lovely.  I miss him when he's not here.

I'm going now... those walls are waiting for me.


 ABOVE:  The room is ready.

 ABOVE: I am ready...

ABOVE:  Half a wall done.

5.55 pm:  Home from work.

But I did get an interesting 'proposal'.

Picture this:   Old fulla lying on his bed in just his under wear.  I go in with his clothes, put them away in his drawers.

He meanwhile, gets off his bed and stands beside me and says:  

"Want to play with W's Willy?"  And then he puckers up and does air kisses at me.

I am like:

"NO!"  and I walk out of his room quick smart.  

Kinda funny, kinda not.  Ewwwww.

And that was the sum total of my amusement for the day really.

It's been a hum drum afternoon.  Glad it's Friday night, Stew is home and we might have a rum and coke me thinks.

I've got work all weekend.  Not looking forward to that one iota.

I have kept the spare bedroom door shut ever since I finished the sanding, and by the look of it, all the dust has settled.  So tomorrow night I might set to and get rid of all the dust, and wipe every surface down in readiness for painting.

Signing off now, ain't nothing else happening around here ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love that mat - you should suggest it to the rest home :-)

  2. Love the headwear. Maybe should have instead in a shower cap? :) At least the aliens won't bother you!! Hahaha!

    1. I have to laugh as I read your comment as invested automatically!

  3. Love the if you get the mormans come to the door Chris.

  4. I need you at more than one room though!! lol

  5. So happy you have the correct gear Chris .. have been around too many who didn't take the precautions back in the day..

    By now your afternoon shift will be nearly at an end so hope all went well

    Will be nice when your Stewy gets home .Makes the unit complete (smiles )

  6. Crickey, fingers crossed those old men don't get hold of any Viagra!!!


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