Monday, July 29, 2019


Right, first off.  In case you have not read the last couple of days posts. You should.  Big news there.

Today I am going to sleep in.  And have me porridge in bed.

When I'm satisfied I've been lazy enough, I will get up and de-dust the spare bedroom and get it ready for painting.

I expect it to take me a couple of hours to actually get that done... cos I will need to 'damp wipe' every surface, once I've got the sheets off the floor and window.

I don't have a sponge mop, which will be perfect for wiping down the walls, so I will buy one of those while I'm out getting the paint.  I'm pretty sure I will be getting the lighter of the two colours I showed you the other day.

Once the dust is gone, it will be ready for painting.  If that doesn't happen today... well I've got Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons off, so I can do it then.

I will be ringing around Storage places here and in Hamilton to get quotes sometime this week.  Cos we will need to put quite a lot of 'stuff' into storage towards the end of the year.  
So we can get the house ready for sale!

Just starting to get all our ducks in a row, know the costs/where's/when's/who etc etc.

It's going to keep me fairly busy for the next 3 months that's for sure.

It's exciting, and scary at the same time. 

It's the first time we will have sold our home and bought another one, without it having to be done due to a job transfer.

And it will be the 7th home we have bought. 7 is a lucky number right?

Right, enough blithering, I'm gunna go make me porridge and have it in bed.  Watch the birds outside worm hunting.  *smiles*

Ha ha!  Forgot me 'ONWARD'... too bad.

I went down to Mitre 10... looked at mops and then thought, Nah, the microfibre one I use for the floors WILL DO.
So I just got the $98 pot of paint.  Should have enough and some left over.

Home, wiped down the entire room and now I've got a fan on to help dry it.  It's a bit too damp to just paint over right now.

Then a group of FBG's stopped in on their walk, DAMMIT, if I'd checked the calendar I could have done that walk!  But never mind, I do have quite enough to do today already.

I'm already thinking ahead and might go into Hamilton soon and get boxes.  I can start sorting out stuff that can already be packed up.

AND I've decided to have a Garage Sale soon too.   I can't be arsed putting everything on Trade Me or Pay It Forward...  some of it is too good to just give away.  Anything that doesn't sell will be gifted on Pay It Forward.

OMG I'm going to get rid of so much!  There's glasses, platters, cushions, craft stuff... all gotta go.  Anything we don't use is GOING.

And I thought I'd de-cluttered when we moved down here!  Ha ha ha...... ha ha.

This afternoon I did some more prep work in the spare bedroom.  I had to put some primer on the places where I'd sanded down to bare gib board, and primed over the pale blue line too.  Hopefully I am now 100% ready for the painting phase next.

Then after dinner I did a little bit of de-cluttering in the family room, mostly ornaments/platters/bowls and the like.  Might take a photo to show you later.

And that's me for the day.  It's been an excellent day, I feel like I got lots accomplished.


  1. That's a good idea to get storage, less (stuff) is best when it comes to selling a house. Your house is lovely and should sell quickly. How exciting being able to make new plans!!

  2. I thought you loved where you live in Cambridge and your house you have people stay with you often and still have brûlée and Griffin at home and you need a sewing room so I am wondering how this will work out for you.

    1. Yes I do love Cambridge, but I can still be an FBG and come over for walks and card nights. I won't 'lose' my freinds I'm sure. As for B & G, they will both be spreading their wings next year (hint hint)... so we are not factoring them into this move too much. This is about us being mortgage free and living life for us for the FIRST TIME since we met 34 years ago. And I have been tied down with kids at home for almost 41 years!! Time to do what we want for a change.

  3. Wow kid and clutter free lol love all your planning and prep

  4. So why not stay in Cambridge? Just curious... I would love to move there 😍 but it's only wishful thinking. Husband won't be wedged away from Auckland dammit!!

    1. For every 1 home for sale here in our price range, there's 20 in Hamilton, so there's just that much more to choose from... AND prices in Cambridge are much higher. I want to be closer to SPOTLIGHT and all the shops I go to as well. Shopping in Cambridge sucks.


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