Friday, February 01, 2019


Can you believe it, the first month of the year is done and dusted!  
At least two more months of summer to get through too... bloody hell!

The 'heat wave' is supposed to abate a bit now, thank god.  

Brylee gets to go out ON HER OWN today, driving herself.  
First day of the rest of her life really as a grown up, independent driver!  Just one left to go now.

Griffin has been swotting for the Learners License, but I'm not sure how close he is to actually sitting it.

Plenty of time yet for him though.

Today I am going to continue working on the little cot quilt, getting some housework done and just chillin' at home.

If it's stinking hot again there will be some pool time of course.  

And that's about it for now... I need to go and check out how Marley is after her operation.  Fingers crossed she's OK.


Oh forgot this:

ABOVE:  photos from our evening out last night... Brylee certainly was in a better mood!  And HUNGRY. lol

1.50 pm: Today is going well... sorta.
Griffin went off to school, then decided his brand new uniform shirts are too small.  Grrrr... too late to send the one he's wearing today back.

I have done 3 hours work on the cot quilt... and now I'm taking a break for lunch.

TOTALLY forgot it is our grandson Liam's 6th Birthday today too.  I feel really bad about that!
Just too much going on obviously.

ABOVE: The birthday boy, Liam ... with his sister Emily a couple of days ago.... on their first day back at school this year.

Whelp.... been sewing for another couple of hours, and I got the cot quilt finished!
So relieved, it's so hot in my sewing room now, even with a fan on full blast!
I think everyone is suffering in this heat though, not just me.

The dogs are panting non stop too... I've been giving them iced water and HEAPS of ice cubes.  They love it, Marley even dunks her head in it.

AS for Marley, she's doing really well.. not showing any distress from her surgery or incision, that's such a relief.

I'm going to sign off for the day now and just relax.  Under a fan.  And watch Coronation Street... best part of me week!  lol


  1. Congratulations Brylee. How exciting for you. Looks like a nice night out Chris. Hope Marley is okmthis morning.

  2. -25C here this morning, feeling like -35C with the wind chill.

  3. how exciting, congrats!!! And champagne for the big girl, so sweet, Christy

  4. Congrats Brylee! Great family pics. Hope Miss Marley is doing well.

  5. Congratulation Brylee!

  6. We had a lovly respite today from the heat cool with rain yesterday ws 34 today 10 but be able to sleep so that will be great

  7. Sounds miserable there!


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