Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Marley is getting her stitches out this morning... she's healed up really well from her Spey.

When my Mum arrived in the house yesterday, Marley was very standoffish, and barked at her.
And wouldn't go near her for quite some time.

Then Mum started throwing her favourite toy for her to fetch....

ABOVE:  And then they were best friends.  *smiles*

After the vet visit, I think we are going into Hamilton... but don't quote me on that!

I've got my friend Sue T and her husband coming over for dinner tonight, so shall have to sort out what we are having before we go out and about.

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later on.


OMG last night's dinner was a massive mistake.  It was fish n chips, with some scallops/pineapple fritters and so on.
I ate FAR TOO MUCH, and felt as sick as a dog when I went to bed.  Thought I was going to throw up for hours ... but didn't.

And the worst thing?  I've woken up feeling exactly the same!  It's the pits.   Never again.

I'm back on my diet as of today.  This morning just reminded me how I used to feel every single morning before I started being careful with the carbs and sugars.  Sick.  Tired. Headaches.  

Not worth it.

We might actually get some rain today... it would be wonderful if we did.  Everything is dying in the garden...  I should show you!

ABOVE: Ok I exaggerated... but this garden is definitely the worst of the lot!  All the ground cover plants are dead or dying.

 ABOVE:  I have just turned on the sprinkler system... hopefully it perks them up?

ABOVE:  I have been watering the lemon tree for a week or more as it was starting to curl up it's leaves and drop them!  As it's got a bumper crop of lemons starting to grow I don't want to lose it.  I think it's saved.

Griffin just left for school, Stew's at work, everyone else is still in bed.  Nice and quiet.
Might just get dressed and start the day properly.

Nearly midday... and me Mum is STILL in her nightie... cos we be YAKKING, andYAKKING!!!
I think we are going into Hamilton at some point today!

ABOVE:  See... still yakking in her nightie!   lol

6.09 pm:  Well we ended up in Hamilton, at Spotlight!  Yep, Mum got me some fabric and batting.  And I am pretty chuffed *smiles*

Dinner is nearly finished cooking.  Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Wedges and a lovely lettuce salad.  NO DESSERT.  Cos I'm fat.  And I ain't gunna get fatter.

10.30 pm:  and our visitors have left after spending a really lovely evening here with us.  So nice to have friends over... and Mum here too of course.

Dinner was delicious!  My Teriyaki chicken always goes down well... Sue now wants the recipe, which I'm happy to share.  

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. dam I forgot to do the 'heart' in the grass lol

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Hi looks like you and your mother are enjoying your time together...have you put on weight? I am having a lot of trouble trying to get a consistent loss going..


    1. Yep weight crept up over summer, but trying hard to get back on track.

  3. How wonderful to be able to matter with your mum in your PJ's.
    Hope the lemon tree thrives. We'd be squeezing them on everything from that salad to the chicken and potatoes.
    Hang on in there. You're looking terrific now

  4. Realy nice dinner.nice afternoon.visitors lovely.dont need to go home yet.the old moo.

  5. Anonymous10:49 PM

    You made me laugh, no desert because I’m fat.... I think your doing really well and you’ve got a wonderful life, so well deserved x

  6. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Can you share the teriyaki chicken recipe please?

  7. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom. Keep well.


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