Thursday, February 14, 2019


Well... the day has finally come.

Brylee goes into Hamilton today to get her braces on.
She's nervous I'm sure.
I'm nervous for her, but only because last time she was there she vomited all over the place!

And it will probably hurt her teeth/gums for a while.

When we were at our friend's in Tokoroa yesterday, I grabbed Alec's straw hat... cos it appealed to me.

And everyone said how much it suited me, what do you think? ...

ABOVE: Do ya think I look like a cowgirl?  ha ha ha!  It was a very comfortable hat I must say.
Gawd, no makeup either! What was I thinking?

So... I better stop blithering on about nothing, and get ready to leave with Brylee and me Mum.

Catch ya later... I WILL update sooner today than yesterday. *smiles* 


To anyone who has 'bookmarked' my blog on their phone and find they cannot leave a comment.... (this happened to me Mum)...  tap the Google Search bar, type in Diet Coke Rocks, and access my blog that way and you will find the comment 'box' will appear!
A Bookmarked blog will not show the comment box and ya won't be able to leave a comment.

HELEN from France:  this could be your problem.  *smiles*

Almost ready to head into Hamilton, just rattling the dags of the old and young tarts, I on the other hand am totally ready.  lol

1 pm:  home and can sit down and update.

Brylee's braces went on without a hitch, except the orthodontist couldn't use cotton buds or the tongue 'holder downer thingee'... cos Brylee would gag!
So he had to adapt his methods to make sure she didn't throw up on him like last time!  lol

ABOVE:  In the chair... photo was taken by my Mum and I had to copy it... hence shocking quality!

 ABOVE:  Trying to eat for the first time with braces... it wasn't easy apparently.

ABOVE:  DAY ONE.  With her braces.  24 months to go.

The orthodontist said she will be sore tomorrow for sure.  Panadol... better make sure we have some.

It is another really hot day today, so I might just be getting in the pool shortly.
Dinner is going to be spag bol, something easy for Brylee to eat.

ABOVE:  While talking about teeth... Dante just lost his FIRST TOOTH, and is pretty proud of himself.  And he's really happy with the Tooth Fairy too.    Angle the camera from slightly above nostril level next time Steve!  He's a damn cute kid... but man he's got BIG nostrils from that angle

4.45 PM... sitting at the doctor's with Brylee.  She had a nasty fall on the bathroom floor... sopping went just outta the pool. And landed heavily on her elbow. So... getting it checked out cos it immediately blew up!

ABOVE:  5.45 pm:  Home again.  Suspected fracture.  Had the option of going into Hamilton and waiting at A & E for an xray (would take HOURS and HOURS), or go to our local Radiology Clinic first thing tomorrow morning.

We opted for the latter, so will be there at 9 am bright and early to get an xray, then back to the Doctor's for review.

It's been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! (laughing a bit) 

Now relaxing for the rest of the evening.  Coronation Street is on later and I doubt I will be watching it, I'm so tired.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck today Brylee

  2. I have you book marked and am commenting on your book marked blog so clearly it only affects some. I’m using an iPhone - not sure if that makes a difference,

  3. I think that's a darling photo! Today's bit for the braces should go much smoother. No goop down the throat! Gag!

  4. Usually safari is the problem. Been problem for months. Chrome works for comments.

    And yes, have to switch to web version. The option is at the bottom of each post. Can also pull it up by holding finger on refresh button.

  5. Have fun today Guys 😊 get ya tracks on girl xx

  6. Good Luck Brylee :-)

  7. Hopefully by now with the time difference Brylee has the braces all done and dusted .. Thinking of her ..

    The hat is awesome (smiles) not everyone can wear a hat,, but that goes good with the long hair,, Thanks for the heads up on the comments section..

    If there is trouble with me its at my end cos I use PC and ipad alternately and still in the change over process!!!

    Hope the dust storm effect, doesn't head your way across the Tasman,, but peters out along the way ..

  8. Haha I did try changing angle but every time he just kept tilting his head further back, what can I say he is proud of his southern heritage haha

  9. The hat does suit you! You should get one!

    Good luck adapting to the braces, Brylee. After a few days you won't know any difference, except for brushing which is a bit trickier...

    Chris, if you don't mind me asking, how much do braces set you back in NZ? We're expecting braces for our two kids (one is definitely getting them in the next couple of years), and have been told it will be around $12,000 (Aus). Ouch!

    1. Depending on how much you need doing and for how long... $7,000 to $8,500 APPROX. Brylee's work is at the upper level.

    2. Ouch, so not much different to here. Hope Brylee's arm okay - the pain from the fall may detract from the pain from the teeth... poor kid!!

  10. Poor Brylee. She won't forget today in a hurry. Hope the elbow is just bruised.

  11. Oh poor kid what a day she has had. I cackled at the photo of her in the orthodontist chair looked like he was working on Brylee knee.

  12. Poor Brylee, what a rough day for her and not nice at all for you. Recover soon Brylee swetheart

  13. Love that hat on you Chris. Poor Brylee you have had quite a day. Have to say I love the look of your braces. I'm sure your elbow must be really sore - take regular Panadol. Fingers crassed it isn't fractured.

  14. Hope all goes well with Brylee.

  15. Gosh, poor Brylee .... she has had a rough day. Hopefully her elbow is better soon.

    I love your hat Chris ... maybe you should consider taking up line dancing ... great form of exercise, and you've already got the hat sorted! *smiles*

  16. Oh no double whammy for Brylee!


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