Saturday, February 16, 2019


Today we are heading into Hamilton to do a little grocery shopping.   We don't need to do a full shop thank god, just topping up on a few things.
And getting a few things for Griffin, as he's off on school camp tomorrow and he needs a few odds 'n'n ends.  Snacks mostly!

With his appetite, can't have him starving on camp.

His camp runs from Sunday afternoon till Wednesday afternoon in Rotorua.  The kids are camping!  That will be a totally new experience for Griffin.  As it's full on summer, at least I don't have to worry about him getting cold in his tent.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  !!!!!!!!  ... I had to take a photo!  He's sorting washing out!   He started gathering all he needs for camp last night... I'm in shock!

He must be eager to go, doing is own packing and all.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start the day.  Catch ya later.


I've been really looking forward to eating our own grapes all summer long.  Watching them grow and get fatter... then I go out there and find this:

 ABOVE: The dirty, rotten, bastard birds have eaten them all!  I'm so cross.

 ABOVE:  I went out and watered all the gardens last night.  I don't know if I will be able to save all the gorgeous plants under the blossom tree though.
Which is sad cos I love all the blue flower spikes that they sprout mid year.

 ABOVE:  I'm not so worried about the huge areas of dead lawn though, that always seems to grow back!

ABOVE:  Brylee's elbow is looking pretty good... the bruising isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
And she's got good movement in it now too... thank goodness.  Her teeth are not too sore either, only hurts when she eats.

LUNCH - Done

Another stinking hot day!  There is hope of some rain in a few days.  I hope it pisses down! PLEASE!

Mum has gone out for the evening with my niece and her family... so we decided to have left overs for dinner.

Stew made this:

ABOVE:  A delicious shephard's pie!  So yum!
Made the room hotter having the damn oven on though.
I'm going to try and cook in the slow cooker as much as possible, just to keep the heat down in our kitchen/dining/family room till it cools down a bit!

Even my Mum, who's used to 40 degree weather in summer is finding our heat a bit much!  It's a bit different from Australian heat apparently.

So while it's only 7 pm, I am signing off for the day.  I'm done, time to just relax and try and keep cool in front of the fan.  I can't even be arsed getting in the pool right now!


  1. Have a great time Griffin

  2. I'm sure Griffin will have a ball - funny how they can do stuff when they want to! Brylee's elbow looks sore but she's a tough nut. And I'd be eating bird stew if you can't eat your grapes!!

  3. Seeing your grapes it explains why all the grapes we saw the other day at a vineyard had netting all over them! Maybe try that next year. It always amazes me how grass recovers from drought - I gave up trying to keep ours green. I hope Brylee gets that job :)

  4. Lovely day. Nice food.being waited on is a real treat.but living in the fast laneis beyond me.The old moo.

  5. I remember when I was living in Brisbane I came home to Dannevirke for my daughters wedding and I couldn't cope with the heat. It was January 18 so summer and I had summer clothes on but it was horrible. More humid over here. Another guest, one of my sil's mates was from Brisbane too and he felt the same.


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