Sunday, February 10, 2019


This one came around damn fast I must say!
Or it could just be that I had the Church Market not long ago??

Oh well.. this is the local Cambridge one, and from experience it will suck.  Why I keep doing this particular market is beyond me.
But, I do like having my own site, I like having regular customers, I enjoy seeing locals and getting to know them, and have them know me... and so that's probably why I still do this bloody market! 

So, I've got everything in the car ready to go... just have to get dressed, grab me drink/phone/float etc and go.  Stew always comes with me, he drops everything on the pavement, helps set up the tables .... and then  buggers off!

He comes back again around 10 am to give me a chance to go for a piddle if necessary, *smiles*.

I will be home again by 2 pm.  Probably crabby. Definitely hot.

The pool will probably be my next destination.  So don't expect an update straight away, unless I've done one during the Market.  

Ya never know, it might be so slow I can do an update.  Yeah, probably will get to do an update.

I found out something, (thanks Facebook), the other day that I never knew:

ABOVE: Have ya ever noticed that little arrow beside the fuel sign on ya car's dashboard?   I NEVER KNEW it indicated what side of the car to fill your car up on!  Yep, 60 years old and never knew that.  
Did YOU?

And after that little nugget of information, I'm outta here.  Catch.  Ya.  Later.


9.30 and ... its DEAD. There's virtually no one buying a thing. I could take a nap and no one would notice. Friggin well knew this would happen. Grrrrr. 

I just got my first ever 'Custom Order' from a Resl Estate firm! They want a House Runner for their reception wall.  That's  exciting. AND they pre-paid too. score!

And another good sale... one of my House Runners. WHOOP!  So today isn't a total bust after all.

1.45 pm:  Home, and tired.  But reasonably happy.
It wasn't a total bust, as it picked up between 10 and midday, which does happen sometimes.

After getting the Custom Order I felt quite chuffed... then to sell a House Runner capped off the day.
There were a few other smaller sales too, so an average day.

 ABOVE:  Top right is the runner I sold to a lady here on holiday from the Netherlands!  She told me she LOVED it!  It's so lovely when you get such flattering feedback.  *smiles*

ABOVE: This cute little car was parked right in front of me, and I had a nice yak with the lady owner.  She said she wanted a Suzuki Swift in this colour, but it wasn't a colour option. 

So she bought it and had it custom painted.  Cost her $3,200 for the paint job, then she got the number plate too...   and she's so happy with it.  

Sooooo, it was a nice market today and I'm happy.
Will be in that pool soon too... cos it's bloody hot.

OH WOW!  Our neighbour (the one with the barking dog) is at our front door.  Talking with Stew about the dog.  This is the neighbour that hasn't spoken to us EVER, even though we tried to become friends when we first moved here.
But they never even acknowledge a wave as we pass on the street.

So... the upshot is they are trying to 'fix' the dog.  HA HA HA!   Ain't gunna happen, it's an ingrained habit.

More to come on that I suspect.  Like in two weeks when it keeps barking and I make another complaint to council.  

And that's a wrap for the day.  Dinner was a really tasty mince stew and veges.
I've got the air con on as it's so damn hot inside.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep... with the fan on full blast to keep it cool enough to actually sleep!


  1. I hope the market is going well. They cancelled mine because of rain (and it's not even raining)

  2. Sorry it is a bummer of a morning Chris

  3. Woohoo.... that's awesome news about the runner 😁

  4. Well done on the custom order ... that's very exciting! Maybe you could leave a couple of business cards with them when you deliver the runner in case other people see it and are also interested in ordering one (just a thought!).

    The petrol gauge arrow is a handy trick to know - especially if driving an unfamiliar car at any stage. My husband works in the fuel industry, so told me that little trick a few years back.

    Enjoy the rest of your day ... hopefully you make a few more sales before you have to pack up. Enjoy the swim when you get home.


  5. Glad to hear you have had a couple of good sales...that custom order is great!!

  6. Yep, I knew about the petrol thing - Stu's car doesn't have it but mine does. Also great to get the sales!!

  7. yip I knew about the Petrol arrow aswell, but not all cars have it lol 😂

  8. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Yep i kmew about the arrow... also every toyotas petrol flap is on the side of the car that you drive on Eg aussie and nz left. They do it as a safety precaution un case you need to add fuel on the side of the road. That why you are never road side and always have the car as a barrier. Bee - Gold Coast

  9. I haven't done any craft market since Dec 2013! Sometimes I miss the excitement and people you get to meet. Then I remember how much work you have to put in to have a decent amount of stock, plus the bad market days.

  10. Good that the neighbour is trying to do something finally.

    Re the house runner. Good job! Putting the logo on will be special. Just remember the perspective on this one :) Can't wait to see it finished. Good job!


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