Sunday, February 17, 2019


Sometimes now days, I sit and think about things for days before I react.
It's something I've had to learn.  Not to have knee jerk reactions!

It's only taken me 60 years!

Anyway, I've been thinking on and off about something that happened recently... and well... I've decided enough is enough.

I've put up with so much disrespect, arrogance and disdain from a certain person, for YEARS and YEARS.

But no more.  We are done with putting up with it.  We don't have to tolerate disrespect and arrogance .... sometimes it is healthier to just close the door and walk away.  Or in our case, close the door and not open it to that person again.

So, now that I have put it out there, I feel better.  I can move on and live my life with those who treat me/us right, and who don't bring more hurt than joy to our lives.


My Mum is spending the day with my niece and her family, so I'm sure she will have a lovely day.

ABOVE:  Last night.... My niece Maxine on the right and her daughter Brandy on the left.  Griffin is exactly 8 weeks older than Brandy!   

 ABOVE:  Brylee and Brandy, one year apart in age, both in braces.  And they both have light blue 'bits' on their braces.  Brylee has too many teeth to fit her gums, Brandy does not have enough teeth! 
Pity Brylee can't give her spare ones to Brandy eh?  lol

Lacy is due home today from Tauranga, I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to her coming home!  How weird does that sound?
But ... she is a fairly happy girl to have around. Sure she has her moments, but on a whole she's good company.

Griffin heads off to camp this afternoon.  I won't miss his appetite!  I'm sure the school will be taking HEAPS of food... they will be feeding LOTS of hungry teenagers.  We are sending him off with quite a stash of snacks too!

We can't make any plans for ourselves today as we have to see Mum off with my niece, then later on take Griffin to his school for camp.

So... I might just be doing some sewing, followed by some swimming/sunbathing.
Should be a nice day though, no matter what we do.


Well today is going totally to plan!
Mum is off with the family from Whitianga, I've been sewing for the past few hours and Lacy is home safe.

Griffin will be leaving for camp in half an hour and I am sure he will have a blast.  He's got enough chocolate to last him a week!  lol

ABOVE:  I am thoroughly enjoying sewing again after a week off!
This is a bit fiddly to sew, but I'm still enjoying it.

6.50 pm:  And my Mum has been safely delivered back again.  She's had a good day with the kids.
Meanwhile here, I've managed to get 70 % of the fiddly bits done on the Alien Quilt.  It's looking awesome!
I'm really, really happy with it so far.

We have had the tiniest little bit of rain!  Not enough to actually wet much, but at least it's slightly cooler than last night!

And... that's it for the day.  Time to sit down and just relax after sewing ALL day.


  1. a neat lot of pics today again Chris. Love the range in heights etc of the cousins and seeing your niece and her daughter,,

    makes the taller ones protective of the smaller ones (smiles)
    Lovely happy snaps and I am sure Griffin will have a great time at camp .. Loads of outdoor activities for all the teens to use up spare energy!!

    Love the girl cousins pics and of the braces story..

    the time will fly and it will help in both extremes of teeth probs..

    Great day where we are too so enjoyed early morning sunrise and outdoorsy stuff too..

  2. I hear you, sometimes the decision can be heart breaking but for own peace of mind the decisions need to be made. I am at peace with mine, be at peace with yours.

  3. Kid lets all look happy Griffin halong logs to fill lol gee he is tall he be needing a helmet to walk around the house so he doesn't klonk his head on doorframe

  4. How's Griffin compared to Stew now? Is he into basketball? Lol. Such a handsome dude.
    As for those who hurt you Chris, my daughter in US has done it to me for the last time. Decided she doesnt want me at her graduation. Told me Christmas day and hung phone up. Too almighty now and mother not good enough.
    So last week I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and booked a holiday in Melbourne with a quilting friend.

  5. Kiwionholidays5:47 PM

    Do they do the Rotorua fun parks luges etc on the school camp or is it mainly bush skills at a camping place .

  6. Old moo is still tired.Teenagers are noisy, and never stop eating.Also are glued to their phones but at least we know where they are.Have a nice time Griffin and good luck Brylee,ffor tomorrow.

  7. Great pics...
    Hope Griffin has an awesome time at camp.
    Looking forward to seeing this alien quilt finished, it looks like its going to be awesome.


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