Friday, February 22, 2019


Well... today I am taking the dogs to the groomer late morning.

Before that I will be sewing.

Here's a sneak peek at both projects I'm making for me Mum:

ABOVE:  One is nearly finished, and one is just starting.  But I can work fast when I want to, as long as I'm not interrupted.

So, as Steve, Bex and the kids are here for the weekend, I better get as much done as possible today!

Oh... before I forget:

I reckon we will be buying a cake today.  *smiles*  

We have had VIRTUALLY NO RAIN now since Christmas... just a couple of very light drizzles for a few minutes.  Today we are supposed to get RAIN!  Real RAIN... so let's see if that happens.  It will be wonderful if it does pour down!

Right, I'm off to make Mum her breakfast.  Catch ya later.


*SNORT*... quiet?  Yeah right.  Got a text at 5.18 am from an Uncle... he's coming to visit me Mum this morning.

So he duly arrives around 9 am and is now visiting with his sister.

ABOVE: So this is brother #4, Charles.  He's a hard case, we get on well with him.

Right, I better get the dogs to the groomers now.  Back later.

ABOVE: One done... one to go. 

5.30 pm:  Well.. it started to drizzle and rain lightly mid afternoon!  AND it hasn't stopped.  I went out into the garden and really enjoyed seeing how much water they were getting.
I hope it keeps raining for a few days. 

Mum, Brylee and I went over to Gordonton this afternoon to get some Steam a Seam for the 2nd wall hanging, managed to find some lovely greens for my Tree Table Runners too.

On our way home we picked up the dogs, they look gorgeous.  

I've now got chicken and rice cooking for dinner, to be followed by Birthday Cake... of course!  *smiles*

Dinner was excellent, we were joined by Jacqui and Joel, who are over from Tauranga for rowing.  We have a full house, so they are staying up the road in a motel.

I took a few photos of birthday cake (as I do), but will post them tomorrow as there's already plenty on today's post.

We just had a power cut for about an hour.  First one is a very long time.  Lacy and Brylee both screamed their stoopid heads off when it went off... silly girls.  

Anyway... tired and ready for bed, and it's only 9 pm!  I shall probably head off soon though, cos we have a house full again tomorrow!
I am gunna need a holiday once my Mum leaves!


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Happy Birthday Lacy, have a great day. Chris the projects for your mum look fun and colourful. Looking forward to seeing them when they’re finished.

  2. Happy Birthday Lacy :-).

    5.18am!!!! Unless someone is dying I don't want to know at that hour!!! Your Mum must be having such a fun time catching up with her family, certainly a trip for her to remember.

  3. Happy birthday Lacy sounds like your mum is having a great catch up with family

  4. Happy Birthday lacy. Hope you are haaving a great day. Chris your mother must be having a fabulous time catching up with her brothers and sisters. Love Thomas's quilt.

  5. Kiwionholidays4:47 PM

    Can’t get over what a neat family trait with the lovely eyes and now with your mums bros and sisters the lovely thick hair,
    Such treasured times for you all,
    Enjoy the weekend,

    Cheers ,

  6. Happy Birthday Lacy. It's lovely that your Mum is managing to catch up with so many siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren during her stay.

  7. Replies
    1. Too busy chick! Got even more for dinner tonight.

  8. Happy birthday to Lacy. Great to see your family catch ups!


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