Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Right, this post is a bit late cos I decided to SLEEP IN!  First time in at least two weeks and it's been lovely.

Today I am going into Hamilton to do some 'window shopping' for these:

ABOVE:  Yep, we might get a couple so we can go out on the local lakes.
They are on special at the moment, so now would be a good time to buy.

But I'm not 100% sold on the idea yet... still mulling it over, but it won't harm to go looking.

Brylee starts her new job today!  OMG I hope it goes well.  I want her to be happy and EMPLOYED!

I have no other plans for the day... but I really should stop procrastinating and get on with the sewing!  I'm so bad at leaving stuff till the last minute!


I spent a good 4 hours to'ing and fro'ing from various shops getting quotes and looking, looking... LOOKING at kayaks!

I also managed to meet and have lunch with Kelly.  More on HER a bit later.

For now, I'm going to sit down and work out just how much I SAVED ... on the kayaks I did buy!

After MUCH consideration I ended up getting a double kayak, and TWO singles!  That way Stew, Griffin, Brylee and I can go kayaking together!  And other family members can use them too... now all I need is a tent!  I reckon camping and kayaking next summer is highly likely.  FUN!!!

Oh and YES, I got the kayaks pictured above.  WE will be picking them up on the weekend.

Now.. Kelly.
She went to a new place in the mall to get her eyebrows 'threaded' and tinted.  (Bit silly really as she reacts to dye, *sigh* but nevermind)

She asked the technician not to put the tint directly on her skin, and was told OK, not a problem.

She had her eyebrows threaded and tinted.

ON THE LEFT:  two days later, ON THE RIGHT: 9 days later!
She is left with huge scabs, and has probably lost half her eyebrows!!!!

I just hope she doesn't get scarring.

Eyebrows come and go... I hope she's learnt her lesson.  STAY AWAY FROM DYES AND TINTS!

Now it's just after 3 pm and I expect Brylee home soon.  I wonder how her first full shift went?

Addressing a couple of questions:

YES, Kelly went back to the salon and was given a full refund and has had her ongoing medical expenses covered too (AS she should).

YES, Brylee is now working full time, and today went well... though she did get home looking a bit shell shocked!  Too much information thrown at her in one day I think.  She will settle in I'm sure.

And... Coronation Street is now on... so I'm a happy girl.  After that I'm off to bed... bloody tired.


  1. Maybe you can find boat things like that on "Trade Me" or whatever your version of "Craigslist" is. It seems like a treadmill, something people spend good money on and rarely use. Which makes it an excellent thing to buy "used". Look for a kayak roof rack to go with them!

  2. Good Luck for Brylee's first day at work :-)

  3. We have a lot of kayak experience. Ages almost 60 down to 21. Rivers and lakes. (We also have white water raft experience, have done wave runners, etc).

    We like singles much better than doubles. The only time we use a double is if we have a small child with us. Then we put kid in a double with a strong guy.

    We like sit ON, not sit IN.

  4. All the best Brylee for your new job

  5. AAAAHH! I can not believe that happened to Kelly. What a horrible reaction? She looks like she got beat up! At least she can open her beautiful blue eyes in the 9 day photo! Yikes. I hope that all heals up nicely. She must be mortified!

  6. Maria3:51 PM

    Oh poor Kelly. I hope she heals soon. I just use an eyebrow pencil much easier, and natural looking if you use a light brown instead of a black or dark brown.

  7. Oh my God Kelly I certainly hope u went back and showed them...u be able take the kayaks camping

  8. The times I have been kayaking i have loved it and had alot of laughs. Can't say I'm good at it but it's fun. Poor Kelly that looks really sore-hope she has informed the salon where she had it done. hope Brylee has enjoyed her first day at work-will it be full time?

    1. Info on blog.

    2. Thanks Chris. I'm sure Brylee will get so much info thrown at her at the beginning. Good to hear that Kelly has her expenses paid but as you say 'So they should'.

  9. Thanks for all the lovley comments.. I have been told I will lose my eyebrows. Yes very sore.. learnt my lesson again.. STAY AWAY FROM DYE..

  10. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Poor Kelly they should be reported and first day in aged care I nearly ran worked in age care for more than 25 years after that...loved it...


  11. Pleased Kelly has had support from the company with eyebrows. sleep well Brylee

  12. Oh no I'm so sorry for you Kelly! I hope you won't lose your eyebrows but I know they sometimes don't grow back like people think.

    I'm sure Brylee will be OK once she gets into the job more - all jobs shell shock you when you start. I can remember one job I just sat on the loo crying because I was so overwhelmed (but ended up OK).

  13. Lovely day with Brylees first day done and Kayaking in the pipeline,
    Good on you guys,
    Sorry to see Kellies suffering from eyebrow injuries, hopefully being young skin she will bounce back quickly,
    Doesn’t help I know with the itching and pain etc ,

    Take Care

  14. we went up the NSW coast last month and did a bit of kayaking -- it's fun! Great exercise!! OMG Kelly's brows look terrible (no offence) I would be legit horrified if that happened to me...... I hope they get / feel better soon, Christy xxxx

  15. Yikes Kelly - the price of beauty :-(

    Brylee, you will be fine, the first few days will be hard, sooo much information crammed into your brain, and rest homes have so many procedures and rules it will take a while. Keep asking questions if you are not sure of something and as you get to know the residents and staff you will really enjoy it, you have a good and kind heart :-)

  16. What happned with your job? I missed that somewhere!

  17. OMG that looks so painful!

    We talked about getting kayaks but never did. Should probably try some out first to even see if we like it I suppose!


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