Sunday, February 24, 2019


Whoops... I missed some photos from yesterday, they were in my 'Collages' folder:

 ABOVE:  Bex crocheted this very cute cow for my Mum to take home with her.

  ABOVE: Lacy and the dogs.  

ABOVE:  Just some more general shots of yesterday's visitors.

So today we will have to start gathering up all my Mum's stuff, in readiness for her leaving tomorrow.
I will be taking her up to Auckland first thing in the morning so we can visit a family member in hospital, then heading out to the airport early in the afternoon.  Mum flies out for Australia around 5 pm.  

Once I've dropped her off,  I will come home and breathe... then tidy my house cos OMG it is a mess!!!!  Visitors coming and going for two weeks, endless feeding people, watering people... I'm done.

Tomorrow guess what I will be doing?


Brylee starts work on Wednesday.

Me?  Well.... I have something to confess.

I turned down the job!

After much reflection, I decided it wasn't right for me, and I would much rather get a job here in Cambridge.  So I plan on delivering my CV personally to several places around town and see what happens.  

It may take some time, and I accept that.  But I will start the ball rolling.

Ha!  For the first time in my life I made myself a CV.  It's probably not very 'professional' looking, but it's mine and I'm happy with it.

And that's all for now... I will be back later.  I will finish the 2nd little wall hanging today then I can show you both of them finished.


The house is buzzing~! Little kids playing. Adults yakking.  We had a bit more rain overnight, so I don't have to water the garden.

Small elephant in the room:  addressing a comment from yesterday.  No Amanda was not here yesterday.  Andrew was.  They are separated.  I will not be answering any questions on that matter OK?

ABOVE:  Happy to have finished these two wall hangings, my Mum can now give them to my niece tomorrow.

On Tuesday I will be able to get back to the Alien Quilt and a few soft toys for market.  I've sold about 6 soft toys in the past two weeks.
Some to my Mum and some to my niece Maxine.

Just had more rain... but now the sun is out in force.  We are living in a sauna now.

7.04 pm:  OMGosh it's been a crazy, noisy, busy day.  It's been wonderful having the family here.
I saw a trundle bed on Pay It Forward so asked to be considered for it, and got it.
So we went to pick it up ... and ended up with a new lounge chair as well!

I am going to show you that tomorrow, before I head off to Auckland with Mum.

I cooked Spag Bol for dinner, that went down a treat.  The family left about half an hour ago... so it's suddenly very quiet!  I can't believe how much noise three children (and Steve!) can make!

And that's me done for the day... I'm knackered and will be going to bed fairly early tonight. At least the weather has cooled down a bit!  Will make sleeping easier.


  1. Wow Bex makes amazing crochet objects. It must be very fiddly doing those arms and legs. Well done Bex. I can imagine the difference in having so many visitors and then on your own again but your mum has had a wonderful time with you. You are an awesome host.

  2. I'm sort of glad you turned the job down ... not that it's any of my business! But it shows that you can get a job if you want and I think you'd be great working in a fabric/craft shop. Your knowledge and personality and love of all things craft would just shine.

  3. what a neat catchup with everyone and the photos are amazing.
    Just as an aside tho Chris Have you considered entering any of your photography for show??

    Everyone knows how hard it is to photograph children and animals But the pics in the ones with lacy one of each wee dog on its own .
    Well they are just awesome (not saying the ones of family arent (smiles) but its always so awkward to get the dogs in a pose and the one to the right of Lacy esp .
    Well what a pose that is and the one underneath is just as good
    Love the energy of your home and pics and memories your Mum will take back to Aus with her

    You will all miss her,, a good reason for her to come back soon . She is very active, as are the bros and sis for over 70s

    Take care


  4. Your wall hangings are awesome! You are so talented!!!

  5. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Bex's crocheting is SO good. What a talented family. Sarah


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