Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Well... yesterday was pretty hectic I must say!  We seemed to either have visitors here, or be out and about all day!

It was a nice day though, even better when this happened:

We don't have a start date yet, but that will eventuate.
She is going to be working an a Rest Home JUST. UP. THE. ROAD. FROM. HOME... like she could easily walk there in 3 minutes flat!

So happy for her.  

I found a couple more nice photos of me niece, Maxine and me Mum:

ABOVE:  That last one was 'doctored' on her phone I think.

OMG I'm kinda tired!  It feels like it's 'go go go' with Mum here.  But seeing as I ain't seen her in 18 months, I don't mind at all.

Today though, I think it's gunna be a quiet day. We need it... cos tomorrow we have visitors for lunch, then dinner... then again on Thursday!

Busy, busy.

I'm gunna sew today, I hope to get the Alien Quilt finished!


2.55 pm:  well another day ticking along nicely.
I got my quilt laid out and pinned to the backing, did some housework and so on.
Then somehow or other we ended up in town at Spotlight again!  I got some green fabric to make another Alien Quilt and more bobbins.  OMG ya can't have enough friggin bobbins can ya?

Then lunch before coming home.   Another STINKING HOT DAY HERE...  but no pool for me.  I really want to get on with the quilt.  I want to see it finished!

Didn't sew this afternoon... instead I did have a swim cos it was just so hot.
Then I made the house even hotter by cooking lamb  chops in the oven and making a baked carrot dish too!

Once dinner was cooked I buggered off to Card Night!
It was a good evening, it's always enjoyable company with the girls.

Home and I tried taking some photos of the Super Moon.  Failed miserably till I watched a couple of You Tube videos ... then I got a few reasonable photos.  Will show you one tomorrow.

For now, it's sign off time.


  1. Congratulations Brylee!!! So nice to have your new job within walking distance of home, they are lucky to have you. Hope your elbow is feeling better.

  2. Congratulations Brylee!! 🌷

  3. Congratulations to Brylee. Wonderful to have the family all visiting Chris.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Hi Congratulations to Brylee....what area will she be working in?... A good area to get into if possible is the Leisure Lifestyle you can do courses to get Diplomas and even a degree, which can make for a very rewarding career in long term. I loved working in aged care both in Nursing and Leisure Lifestyle.


  5. Well done Brylee!! Knew something good would come up.

    So close to home as well, such a bonus ..
    Love all the bright colourful pics of you all and neat that you have your Mum there as well.

    Lets hope you have some quiet time today cos not long till its all go again.

    Know the feeling, we all need some downtime sometimes,,, but catchups are always more memories for the happiness plan.


  6. Congratulations Bylee u go girl

  7. Congratulations Brylee, Well done

  8. Congratulations Brylee!

  9. Lovely photos of your mum with the family over the last few days Chris. Congratulations to Brylee. Hope she enjoys this work alot more than the fast food sector.

  10. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Well done Brylee, so handy to home, you will save a fortune on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle. Kindest, Heather

  11. Yay for Brylee a hot day here wish we had a pool oh yeah we got the lake. How Brylee driving going?

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      It's going really well, I really enjoy driving 😁. From Brylee

    2. Congratulations Brylee

  12. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Congrats on the job Brylee!
    Sharnee, Melbourne Australia

  13. Wow that's Super Duper news Brylee. You'll really enjoy it and it'll be very rewarding. Congratulations X

  14. Conundrums lol8:51 PM

    oh and the 'Wip'myster' had a decent day as well 😊 :)
    Happy "owner" happy car xx

  15. You taught me a new word: eventuate.


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