Monday, February 11, 2019


My Mum and her partner Ron have been over here from Australia for a few days, attending a family reunion (on his side).
Ron is going back to Australia today as he needs to keep an eye on their property due to the high fire danger.

Mum is staying on for a little longer. No itinerary as such, just winging it I think.
So, I'm picking her up this morning and bringing her back here.

After that I don't know what her plans are!  But we will work around her and what she wants to do.

If there are any 'plans' made that involve anyone else, I will let ya know.  What Mum does is entirely up to her.

My other plans are to get on with that new cot quilt, then Tree Runners.
OH and the Commissioned House Runner of course!  But I need to wait on specifics for that before starting it.  There is a Company Logo to be added etc.  I'm really excited about it! *smiles*

Steve did a bit of 'building' this weekend for his kids:

 ABOVE:  He made them a 'Pallet Playground'!  It's super neat... I am sure the kids will get heaps of enjoyment out of it.  Because Steve can source the pallets for FREE, it didn't cost a bomb either, which is great.

Finally for now, I must ring the Vet's and make an appointment for Marley to have her stitches removed.  Probably get that done tomorrow, today is kinda full already.


Safely in Auckland.  Picked up the old biddy. Lol.

ABOVE: Mum, Ron and Lacy.

5.35 pm: And we are safely home from Auckland.  Stinking hot as hell today, feeling all hot and bothered.


And now in no particular order, a few photos from today:

 ABOVE: Ron's three daughters... I grew up with them in Tokoroa.  (L to R):  Janet, Diane and Lesley.  
Diane lives in Coffs Harbour, not far from Mum and Ron.  The other two are here in New Zealand. 

It was lovely to see all three of them.

 ABOVE:  Me and the 'olds'.  

 ABOVE:  We met Bex and Archer for lunch, and then Mum insisted on taking Archer grocery shopping.

He was really unsure about that!  BUT... he came right and had some fun adding things to the trolley.  In fact, he was pretty chuffed with his 'purchases' and was gobsmacked at how much he got to buy!  

It was pretty cute.

 ABOVE: Mum unpacked her suitcase.  HALF of it was fabric for me!  And some cute wall hanging thingees for a couple of her grand daughters.

ABOVE:  She did some 'shopping' here too!  She wanted the little pink cot quilt for one of Ron's great grand daughters!  And a table runner.
Awesome, more $'s towards Christmas.  *smiles*

And that's all for now... time to relax.  Gawd it's so hot at this time of the day!  Kinda sick of it now.  

*sigh* and YES, I know I will be bitching about the cold once winter is here, so just shish!

Time to sign off for the day, I'm tired and ready for bed!  


  1. Brings back fond memories of using pallets for all sorts of play things. Love your sense of humour, you blog and your sewing skills.

  2. Oh hey grandma.. hope you have a lovley trip.. wow what a cool use for the pallets..

  3. Road Trip 😊
    Nice weather for it, get ya swim on Dorry hehe

  4. Awesome job Steve, the kids will have a ball with that :-).

    Your Mum looks good, I hope she enjoys her stay.

  5. Heading Home Now 😊 Granny on Board

  6. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I mean, you can't get rather more direct than that.

  7. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Lovely day. Archer a delught. The old moo.

    1. Hee hee... my bad spelling while teaching the old moo how to leave comments! DELIGHT not DELUGHT

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Thank you for lunch and the shop archer really enjoyed himself 😍 he was showing dad every thing he got him Haha 😍 bex

  8. Love the family photos. What a terrific Mum.
    Pallet stuff is all the fashion here. My daughter and hubby have made summer furniture out of pallets and you see all sorts of outdoor stuff. Strong and cheap!
    Your quilting is not half bad!!! Love the designs. You'll making a lot more with all that material

  9. Some lovely pics...and how sweet of Mum to bring you some fabric.

    Clever Steve with those pallets.

  10. No matter what you post, I always get the idea that you're having tons of fun!

  11. Your mom looks great! How fun taking Archer shopping <3


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